2017-07-24 conda-forge core meeting

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  • [ ] Filipe: Research software for audio listen only access for other members of the community that want to attend but aren’t part of core.

  • [ ] Filipe to open issue about fixing docs – there were some issues that came up at the sprints.

  • [ ] Mike S.: pypy Next steps: Say yes / no to the spec, point out potential pitfalls, give it back to (Matti?) and say here’s the work that needs to be done.

  • [ ] Marius to reach out to Wolf about robot operating systems making it to conda-forge

  • [ ] Marius: Open issue on conda-forge.github.io noting work done on the kubernetes cluster

  • [ ] Marius: reach out to internal IT to clean up some Zoom hiccups.

  • [ ] Marius: intel compiler architecture repo update.

  • [ ] Matt: source-extractor update. Follow-up with Anthony and NumFocus around the renaming issue.

  • [ ] Eric: Set up meeting to talk through the conda-forge feature set requirements for the new Anaconda.org

  • [ ] Eric: Confirm with core team that no one wants access, as long as the conda-forge feature set is included in the design of the replacement for anaconda.org

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