Index of CFEPs

Changes to the project should be submitted as conda-forge enhancement proposals (CFEP). These CFEPs are similar to Python’s PEP and IPython’s IPEP processes.

CFEPs are stored in the cfep GitHub repository. A list of conda-forge enhancement proposals (CFEP) are as follows: * CFEP-00: CFEP TemplateProposed * CFEP-01: CFEP Purpose and GuidelinesProposed * CFEP-02: Upgrade default macOS Travis image to xcode6.4Accepted * CFEP-03: Providing manually uploaded builds on the conda-forge anaconda channelAccepted * CFEP-04: Policies for packaging X11-based software in conda-forgeDeferred * CFEP-05: Providing pre-release builds on the conda-forge anaconda channelAccepted * CFEP-06: staged-recipes code review lifecycleDeferred * CFEP-07: Migration strategy to Anaconda compilersProposed * CFEP-08: Packages which are “Too Big to Fail”Deferred * CFEP-09: Pinning Proposal System for Automatic RebuildsAccepted * CFEP-10: Feedstock StatusesDeferred * CFEP-11: Automated Closing of Excessively Old PRs on Staged RecipesAccepted * CFEP-13: Securing conda-forge Uploads to anaconda.orgAccepted * CFEP-14: Security and Systems SubteamAccepted * CFEP-15: Deprecate Python 2.7 and vs2008Accepted * CFEP-16: Setting license and license_family fieldAccepted * CFEP-17: Branches for Globally Pinned PackagesDeferred * CFEP-18: Packaging static librariesAccepted * CFEP-19: Pinning EpochsDeferred * CFEP-20: Standard package split (dev / doc / dbg)Deferred