Getting in Touch

The community at conda-forge would be happy to connect with you. We have got several ways for you to communicate with us, primarily through issue trackers, mailing lists, and real-time chat.

Issue Trackers

The main issue trackers that you will interact with are

  • staged-recipes: You’ll use staged-recipes to create a new conda package on conda-forge

  • Our main docs repo: You’ll use this repo as a catch-all for issues where you’re not sure where else to put them

  • Our enhancement proposals repo: You’ll use the enhancement proposals repo if you’re interested in substantially changing the way conda-forge operates.

Discussion Forum

The primary discussion areas that you will engage with is

  • discourse forum: We are using discourse as our main communication channel. To ask a question regarding usage of conda we encourage posting to our Discourse forum.

Gitter and Element

The main chat rooms that you’ll interact with are

  • gitter: general: Our general chat room for all things conda-forge. Pretty much any question can be asked here and others in the community may be able to help. Move stuff to an issue tracker if your question isn’t getting resolved.

  • gitter: core/private: Private chat for the @conda-forge/core team to discuss continued operations and improvements to conda-forge.

  • gitter: power pc: Public chat room for all things related to building for power pc (IBM) systems.

  • gitter: bot subteam: Public chat room for all things related to the conda-forge automation infrastructure. Our automation infrastructure is colloquially referred to as “the bot”.

  • gitter: compilers: Public chat room focused on the conda-forge compiler stack.

  • element: conda-forge-space: An element space listing all conda-forge rooms.

  • element: interns: Public chat room for conda-forge interns to discuss projects and seek guidance from the community.

  • element: general: Public chat room for the conda-forge community to discuss anything related to conda-forge.

Note: All Gitter room links forward to Element


Mailing List

Other Communication Methods

  • The core team is also on Keybase for security related stuff. If you’re part of the core team and don’t have access, ping someone on the core team for access.

Staying Up-to-date

There are several sources that have the latest conda-forge information.

  • Blog: We blog about big feature enhancements and other items. Our blog has an Atom feed.

  • News: Our announcements page has periodic notices about technical changes to our infrastructure. It is also served as an RSS feed.