Getting in Touch

There are many ways to get in touch with the conda-forge community, primarily through issue trackers, mailing lists, and real-time chat.

The main issue trackers that you will interact with are

  • staged-recipes: You’ll use staged-recipes to create a new conda package on conda-forge

  • our main docs repo: You’ll use this repo as a catch-all for issues where you’re not sure where else to put them

  • our enhancement proposals repo: You’ll use the enhancement proposals repo if you’re interested in substantially changing the way conda-forge operates.

The main chat rooms that you’ll interact with are:

  • gitter: general: Our general chat room for all things conda-forge. Pretty much any question can be asked here and others in the community may be able to help. Move stuff to an issue tracker if your question isn’t getting resolved.

  • gitter: core/private: Private chat for the @conda-forge/core team to discuss continued operations and improvements to conda-forge.

  • gitter: power pc: Public chat room for all things related to building for power pc (IBM) systems.

  • gitter: bot subteam: Public chat room for all things related to the conda-forge automation infrastructure. Our automation infrastructure is colloquially referred to as “the bot”.

Mailing lists:

  • google group: conda-forge: The general mailing list for conda-forge. Sees a moderate amount of traffic, though substantially lower than the public gitter room.

Other communication methods:

  • The core team is also on Keybase for security related stuff. If you’re part of the core team and don’t have access, ping someone on the core team for access.