2016-11-24: General Discussion

Time: 20:00 (UTC)

Hangout link: https://hangouts.google.com/call/v5olhwzpfzgzpoq5i3wthjpqpie


  • Filipe

  • Mike

  • Phil

Standing Items

  • How many repos? ~1400

  • How many contributors? ~300

  • CFEP status


  • Action: Phil to take a look at conda forge/conda forge.github.io#256

  • Filipe will ask Carlos whether he is prepared to build qt

  • Binary data (repacking)

    *   Currently done with "low hanging fruit" or difficult packages
    • CFEP would be helpful to give clear guidance

    • What does it take to merge repackaging stuff? At what point does it become painful enough to allow repackaging?

    • MSYS2 - Michael Sarahan to ask Ray about build infrastructure for MSYS2 and perhaps unification with conda/conda-forge

    • Git for windows as example to avoid (Large agglomeration of individual projects - prefer to build individual projects). If MSYS2 were not available, this would be an OK candidate for repackaging, because it is such a huge pain. Because MSYS2 is available, we should avoid repackaging git for windows.

  • conda-build 2

    *   bldpkg_path also takes a config argument. See [](https://circleci.com/gh/conda-forge/texinfo-feedstock/24)[https://circleci.com/gh/conda-forge/texinfo-feedstock/24](https://circleci.com/gh/conda-forge/texinfo-feedstock/24)
    • There is very little that needs to be done. See conda forge/conda forge build setup feedstock#38#issuecomment-262931757

    • (It is a matter of merging PRs now :-)

    • can we just disable symlinks for environments when building to fix the CMAKE issue? Phil: I believe so. MS +1

          *   [](http://conda.pydata.org/docs/config.html#disallow-soft-linking-allow-softlinks)[http://conda.pydata.org/docs/config.html#disallow-soft-linking-allow-softlinks](http://conda.pydata.org/docs/config.html#disallow-soft-linking-allow-softlinks)
      • ACTION: Let’s get rid of softlinks when using conda-build

  • Handling broken packages

    *   Hotfix  capability: we will never have control of the channel index, so we must  rebuild or modify existing packages. MS: There should be a preference  for rebuild vs modify. CFEP (policy) would be helpful.
    • Generally, moving broken packages to a “broken” channel is preferable to deleting them. We can consider purging these after a period of time.