2018-07-24 conda-forge meeting

Pinned Items

New items

  • Sharing passwords (to start off the meeting next time)

    • Try something out and move on to more interesting problems

    • Let’s try KeyBase. Eric D. just sent out invites to most of the core team.

  • Establish next steps/action items/gh issues for migrations

    • MVN will coordinate with CJ on issueing prs for the things that need compilers that don’t actually call it out nicely.

    • Parse graph find everything which could be py 3.7 but no compiler and not noarch, run rebuild on that.

    • May need to have two versions of pinnings + smithy whilst graph is being rebuilt.

  • Decide on a policy for when maintainers stop maintaining

    • Come back to later

  • Related to 2k-ish pending bot PRs…

    • MVN will give CJ a list of merge-conflicted feedstocks that were closed and not merged.

    • Auto close out of date PRs

    • Auto delete closed/merged bot PR

  • run_exports vote https://github.com/conda-forge/conda-forge-pinning-feedstock/issues/102

    • John questioned run_exports practice: https://github.com/conda-forge/staged-recipes/pull/4858#discussion_r204076032

    • Dougal redirected discussion to https://github.com/conda-forge/conda-forge-pinning-feedstock/issues/102#issue-343171939

    • John questioned validity of vote on run_exports:

      • https://github.com/conda-forge/conda-forge-pinning-feedstock/issues/102#issuecomment-406672840

      • https://github.com/conda-forge/conda-forge-pinning-feedstock/issues/102#issuecomment-406681093

    • Filipe to add to governance doc on process to un-stick situations like this

    • Overall: we need a community standards communication scheme. Mike S dropped the ball on communicating the results of the poll.

    • Related: governance doc may need definition of how a valid poll is to be conducted.

  • Expiring (i.e., auto-closing with a bot) “old” PRs into staged-recipes?

    • Put on label, add message (stale), ping relevant parties to close

    • Decide on policy

Existing Items

  • Finding a good solution to sharing passwords among core

    • Git Secret? https://github.com/sobolevn/git-secret

  • Build packages on C3I and upload to conda-forge

    • Make is missing from the base image for PowerPC internal to Anaconda. Fun times!

    • Mike is open to other people helping with this. If interested, reach out! Helping means trying recipes, debugging any issues, and resolving any merge conflicts that have happened since Mike pulled them in last. Moving target.

    • Packages that have been built https://anaconda.org/cf-cb3 - these may need more work regarding versions. The graph was computed with the versions, but probably should have ignored them. When a pin is older than a newer recipe, the upstream recipe gets missed as a real dependency because of the version mismatch.

  • Making the agenda and notes public again.

    • John will see if we can make dropbox paper readable by the world

    • other options are to just post the notes somewhere public after the meeting

  • conda-forge blog

Discussed Items

  • Finalize compiler migration discussion (see: +2018-07-17 conda-forge meeting )

    • Update on current status

      • Number of packages left to syntax migrate

      • Number of packages needing re-compile

        • Total number ready

        • Number ready in the first layer

      • Build number increase by N for new things at build time non static

        • determine build number with conda render clobber file

    • Decide on migration order [Outcome: make super graph of py37 + compilers (run with one walker), drop 3.5 when 3.7 starts]

      • py37

      • compilers

      • remaining compiler syntax

    • Decide on resource strat [Outcome: do everything online]

      • ~~Offline (without CIs)~~

      • Online (with CI)

    • Decide on channel strat [Outcome: new label for new compilers, run two labels]

      • upload re-compiled packages to new label and continue pushing to current label

      • upload re-compiled packages to current label, push updates to current era compilers to different branch