2019-01-23 conda-forge meeting

Pinned Items

New items

  • Journal article update

    • Target date maybe around March 2019

      • sections

  • Elections

    • aarch64 team

      • administrative bits needed ito user group

      • @conda-forge/arm-arch is the new team name

  • The great switchover

    • Secondary Label model

      • Probably not that needed for smaller migrations

    • Future migrations

      • Add gcc gxx gfortran compiler versions to pinnings (so we can build in main)

    • Core owns a bunch of “orphan” packages.

    • Auto Pinning migration sketch

      • https://github.com/regro/cf-scripts/issues/44#issuecomment-455817718

      • Need to handle run exports as well: watch all run_exported packages and see if their version bumps are beyond their max pin info, if so issue downstream rebuild PRs

  • Meta Channel

    • https://github.com/regro/conda-metachannel

      • Blocking parts

      • Still need a domain / subdomain so that we can add some TLS

    • probably not ready yet for use internally in

  • New Arches

    • aarch64 and ppc building

      • Shippable

      • Qemu on CI

      • no py2k

      • targeted leaf packages and rebuild accordingly

        • numpy

        • scipy

        • opencv

        • jupyter

  • GPU builds, Stan’s email

  • Azure status

  • ESIP update

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