2019-11-12 conda-forge core meeting



Your agenda items

  • Qt update strategies. Marius said he was going to talk with Microsoft at the Numfocus summit / Pydata NYC. We agreed that we’d get updates from Marius at this dev meeting.

    • Context: We should be building Qt more regularly. How do we achieve this? Provisioning Windows Azure VMs seems like the best path forward.

      • We’d need to make an Azure org (or whatever their term is) and then distribute credentials

      • We should consider talking to Microsoft about help doing this on Azure.

      • Marius will run point on these conversations this week at NumFocus Summit and PyData.

      • Get updates from Marius at next dev meeting.

  • (John/Eric) Aligning on GPU packages between CF and defaults

    • (Eric) Currently working internally and then with Josh to align on funding half time developer on distribution team for the rapids GPU needs.

  • Reach out to NumFocus to figure out legal ramifications of not including licenses in files.

    • Suggestion to changing linter to error when license is missing, can still merge with a failure.

    • Can include license file which mentions that license is unclear.

    • https://github.com/conda-forge/conda-smithy/pull/1102#issuecomment-553503902

  • Advertise AMD GPU support.

    • AMD GPU runtime is in conda-forge now. Only need a recent Linux kernel in the user machine (And a supported AMD GPU of course)

    • write a note to NumFOCUS newsletter

  • Should conda-forge be ping-ing maintainers for projects who’s packages are being added to staged recipes?

    • eg. torchvision issue

    • Find the right wording to ping people without “bothering” them too much.

    • Invite to feedstock rather than in staged-recipes

    • What if maintainer says no, or asks to take the package down?

    This is an email I got when one of my (Jonathan’s) packages was added to Fedora. The author might have contacts me only about the issues.

    Greetings from a fellow NMR spectroscopist. In my role as a Fedora packager, I have built nmrglue for Fedora and Centos (or RHEL, Scientific linux, etc,). Users of these distributions can now install nmrglue using their respective package management tools.

    I am writing to you to bring up two “issues”. …

  • Getting more contributors to conda-forge:

    • Should we do outchreachy with part of our funds? (GSoC but with our own funds. Higher contributor “conversion” rate than GSoC.)

    • Send stickers/t-shirts to reviewers on staged-recipes.

  • Vote for Staged reciepes reminder!

  • Python 3.8 migration

    • https://github.com/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Aopen+is%3Apr+archived%3Afalse+org%3Aconda-forge+-review%3Achanges_requested+-repo%3Aconda-forge%2Fstaged-recipes+author%3Aregro-cf-autotick-bot+Rebuild+python38+

Subteam updates


  • Bot underwent some refactoring, causing outages, outages have been fixed

  • Bot now supports bumping and not bumping build numbers

  • We’ve started pushing out on the backlog of pins (arrow-cpp, protobuf, occt)

  • https://github.com/jjhelmus/conda_recipe_tools

    • https://github.com/jjhelmus/conda_recipe_tools/blob/master/conda_recipe_tools/find_version.py#L74-L102



  • Have access to a ppc64le machine for conda-forge through OSU OSL.

    • conda-forge is a supported FOSS project. (https://osuosl.org/services/powerdev/current-projects/)

    • If anybody needs access send your public SSH-key to Isuru

  • conda-forge is now self-hosting. Drop defaults?




CI infrastructure

Compiler upgrade

CFEP updates

How do we start getting traction on these?

cfep-03 Manual upload of builds

cfep-04 X11 and CDT policy

* proposal is not long being worked on
* could be solved by virtual packages

cfep-05 dev/rc builds

* 2 Nays, needs voting

cfep-06 Staged-recipes review lifecycle

* Is this necessary now that pinging staged-recipes works

cfep-08 Too Big To Fail

cfep-10 Feedstock statuses, unmaintained


Check in on previous action items

Copy previous action items from last meeting agenda.

Last meeting

  • [ ] (Eric) regarding cfep-05, We should implement this in whatever way is as simple as possible for the conda-forge tooling ecosystem. If there is enough of sentiment that people want something more sophisticated, PRs welcome. Make this comment on cfep05

2 meetings ago

  • [ ] (Filipe) CFEP-03: Review, fix any text and merge it in.

    • Minor updates that are needed. This will likely get done in December.

  • [ ] (CJ) CFEP-08: Merge in with deferred status

    • Will check in next meeting.

3 meetings ago

4 meetings ago

  • [ ] (Eric) Email out to see if we can get more engagement on regular dev meetings.

  • [x] (Sophia) Set up meeting to talk about Condafile stuff.

    • Will punt on this until she’s working on this actively again

  • [x] (Filipe) Ping Bjorn to try and get Debian community more involved with conda-forge

    • Going to drop this from our tracker

  • [ ] (Eric) Scheduling Anaconda <-> conda-forge sync on anaconda.org requirements gathering

    • Will try and get this scheduled in the next month.

  • [ ] (Anthony) Reach out to NumFocus to figure out legal ramifications of not including licenses in files.