2020-09-02 conda-forge core meeting

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  • Matt B.

  • Crystal

  • Eric D.

  • Marius

  • CJ

  • Anthony

  • Sylvain

  • Wolf

  • Cheng

  • Keith K.

  • Mike S.

  • few others that didn’t get captured


Standing items

  • [x] intros for new folks on the call

  • [x] (CJ) budget

    • current approvals are all up to date.

    • screenshare and show the doc monthly?

      • Link is in Keybase (numfocus_spreadsheets.txt)

    • Active Vote: https://github.com/conda-forge/conda-forge.github.io/issues/1150

Your new agenda items

  • [x] (MRB) AWS is going to pay our bill 🎉 assuming we can move the account over

  • [x] (ED/WV) Machine for Isuru to do windows builds: https://github.com/conda-forge/conda-forge.github.io/issues/1150

  • [ ] (IF) Cross compiling python recipes.

        - cross-python    # [build_platform != target_platform]
        - python          # [build_platform != target_platform]
        - pip             # [build_platform != target_platform]
        - cython          # [build_platform != target_platform]
        - python
        - pip
        - cython
        - python
  • [x] (CHL) Proposals to drop Python 2.7, < 3.6 support

    • conda: https://github.com/conda/conda/issues/10180

    • conda-build: https://github.com/conda/conda-build/issues/4024

    • Looking at next major version release; ~2020-Q4 or 2020-Q1

    • Possibly consider 3.7 for encoding-related PEPs; choice will depend on how close we are to upstream EOL date for 3.6

  • [x] OVH VM: created with the communicated specs. Need to follow up with OVH about getting access.

    • People who need access need to create OVH accounts. Their accounts will be added as maintainers of that project.

      • Should probably manage with terraform

    • Add OVH to this yaml: https://github.com/conda-forge/conda-forge.github.io/blob/master/src/inst_partners.yaml

    • Render that yaml into jinja2

  • (SC) R bindings for mamba: https://github.com/marimeireles/rhumba

    • Screencast: https://user-content.gitter-static.net/eb15dbe3c06bffa8af391f8f58f90240efd15cd5/68747470733a2f2f757365722d696d616765732e67697468756275736572636f6e74656e742e636f6d2f31373630303938322f38393636393235362d61376536626130302d643863652d313165612d383637362d3333313130386532386561322e676966

  • (MVN)

Active votes

Subteam updates









CI infrastructure

Compiler upgrade

CFEP updates

Open PRs

  • cfep-04 X11 and CDT policy

    • INACTIVE - Merge in with some inactive-esque status?

    • Needs new champion. Thanks for your work on this pkgw! Has unaddressed comments from pkgw as from Jan 10, 2020

  • cfep-06 Staged-recipes review lifecycle

    • INACTIVE - Merge in with some inactive-esque status?

    • Lingering comment from @saraedum. @jakirkham, can you reply? Has unadressed comment from @saraedum from Jan 8, 2020

    • (MRB) The stalebot has solved the worst of the issues here. I think we could defer this one permanently.

  • cfep-10 Feedstock statuses, unmaintained

    • INACTIVE - Merge in with some inactive-esque status?

    • Needs another review. Has unaddressed updates from pkgw as of Jan 11, 2020

  • cfep-12 Removing packages that violate the terms of the source package

    • Stalled since May 26, 2020

    • Active debate about moving to “broken” vs deleting from conda-forge channel

    • Active vote, ends on 2020-03-11

    • What were the results of the vote?

    • Did we hear back from NumFOCUS?

  • cfep-17 Handling pin backports and dependency rebuilds

    • Stalled debate about implementation details between Isuru, CJ and Matt

    • UPDATE 2020-07-22: We in principle have agreement to render the extra pinnings needed directly in the feedstock on a temporary basis (i.e., until the migration has ended).


Check in on previous action items

Copy previous action items from last meeting agenda.

This meeting

  • [ ] (ED) Update governance docs with similar voting model as what got put into conda-tools (+3 with no -1 is a pass)

  • [ ] (SC) Write jinja template to turn institutional partners yaml into a website https://github.com/conda-forge/conda-forge.github.io/blob/master/src/inst_partners.yaml

  • [ ] (SC) Document what needs to be done to create an OVH account and get access

Last meeting

Docker hub

  • [ ] (JK) Check in on Azure build workers to see if they have the docker hub limitation. Maybe Azure and docker hub

  • [ ] (JK) Check in on Azure build workers and see if they have the docker hub limitation

  • [ ] (JK) work with dockerhub to see if we can get OSS status

  • [ ] (???) start pushing images to quay (github?)

  • [ ] (???) put changes in smithy to make sure we can use those other image locations


  • [ ] (???) build webpage to credit them (and others)

  • [ ] If we’re adding a logo, will want to make sure that we have permission to use it.

  • [ ] Shout-out on twitter at some point. “Thanks forOVHCloud for providing a VM”, etc. (maybe after we ship qt on windows with it?)

3 meetings ago

  • [ ] Figure out how to communicate breaking changes to users. Likely should open up an issue immediately for futher discussion. Ping @kkraus, plus capture notes from further up in these meeting notes

Move to Issue Tracker

  • [ ] John K. will update the cuda toolkit feedstock on the git repo to note the NVBug link to the internal NVIDIA issue tracker

  • [ ] Jonathan will update docs to note that some non-exhaustive list of packages (like cuda-toolkit, MKL, etc.)

  • [ ] Jonathan will review this PR

  • [ ] (Kale) schedule conda working group

  • [ ] cfep-10 next steps: CJ to call a vote for feedback

  • [ ] cfep-06 next steps: Ask staged recipes team to champion this CFEP and move it forward

  • [ ] jakirkham & CJ-wright to sync on adding CUDA to the migration bot

  • [ ] (Eric) Scheduling Anaconda <-> conda-forge sync on anaconda.org requirements gathering

    • Will try and get this scheduled in the next month.

  • [ ] (Anthony) Reach out to NumFocus to figure out legal ramifications of not including licenses in files.

  • [ ] (Eric) check internally for funding levels for hotels & flying folks from the community in?

  • [ ] (Eric) Figure out finances of conda-forge to support themselves?

  • [ ] (jjhelmus) Open up CFEP for which python’s we’re going to support

  • [ ] (jakirkham) write a blog post on CUDA stuff we discussed today

  • [ ] (jakirkham) update docs on how to add CUDA support to feedstocks

  • [ ] (jakirkham) will open an issue on conda-smithy to investigate Drone issues. (ping the aarch team)

    • https://github.com/conda-forge/conda-forge.github.io/issues/954

  • [ ] (ED) Who we are page? Some combination of a FAQ and a who is everyone. FAQ things like:

    • who’s the POC for CF <> Anaconda, CF <> NumFocus, CF <> Azure

    • who’s the POC for the various subteams?

    • Informal information: roles, day jobs, bios, the whole nine yards, why you’re here, etc.

    • Public or internal? I don’t really care either way. Anyone feel strongly one way or the other?

    • opt-in to public bios

    • software carpentry has a large number of instructors and has https://carpentries.org/instructors

    • some concern about “yet another place to keep stuff up to date”

  • [ ] (CJ) Form finance subteam

  • [ ] (ED) document strategies for reproducible environments using conda-forge

  • [ ] (UK) Static libraries stuff

    • [ ] Add linting hints to builds to find them

    • [x] Recommend how to package them -> CFEP-18

    • [x] We should write docs saying we don’t provide support and this is a bad idea. -> CFEP-18