conda-forge core meeting 2022-01-12

last weeks meeting What time is the meeting in my time zone Meeting info:

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  • Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 347-384-8597 and enter this PIN: 828 997 153#

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  • Matti Picus (MP)

  • Isuru Fernando

  • CJ Wright

  • Jaime Rodriguez

  • Chris Burr

  • Daniel Ching

  • Dave Clements

  • Edgar Margffoy

  • Eric Dill

  • Lori Burns

  • John Kirkham

  • Matthew Becker

  • Cheng Lee

  • Ken Odegard

  • Wolf Vollprecht

  • Jannis Leidel


Standing items

  • [x] intros for new folks on the call

    • Daniel Ching - Argonne, wanting to be part of staged-recipes team

    • Dave Clements -

      • just started at Anaconda (3.5 weeks ago)

      • OSS community manager

      • came from galaxy (has been involved in bioconda) where he was doing similar work

      • part of his job is to make sure the OSS parts of the conda ecosystem dont get lost in the shuffle within Anaconda

    • Edgar Margffoy - works at Quansight

      • working on qt compilation

    • Ken Odegard

      • joined Anaconda team last fall

      • on conda team (works with triaging, tracking bugs, making progress)

  • [x] (FF) budget

    • current approvals?

    • Whenever updated numbers land, please screenshare and show the budget.

      • Link is in Keybase (numfocus_spreadsheets.txt)

  • [x] open votes

    • none

  • [x] 2022 Outreachy / GSoC

    • Ask each week: Any interested parties in owning this?

    • Discussion 2021-11-03

      • If we want to do outreachy again we need a champion - Filipe can’t do it next year. Same with GSoC.

      • GSoC is free to us

      • Outreachy costs us $$ ($6500). $6k for student, $500 for admin

      • Some interest from Jannis - he and Filipe will chat about possibly handing off

        • Trying to figure out what policy for interns at Anaconda - some overlap maybe. Jannis wants to pick Filipe’s brain. Dave C. has also done this in the past at galaxy

From previous meeting(s)

Your new() agenda items

  • [x] (JRG/EM) Report qt status and potential blocks.

    • split the recipe into a bunch of components. have qt-main that has all the modules

    • builds time out after 6 hours - how to review and move forward with this?

      • MRB - post build logs so people can page through it and approve the merge.

    • How to compile aarch64 for all of this - qt work is being financed on quansight side by TDK

      • TDK would be willing to fund a machine to compile aarch64

      • MRB - do we have the server from oracle?

      • IF - Edgar, send Isuru your public ssh key and he’ll add you to access that aarch64 box

  • [x] JRG - meeting tomorrow on GPU stuff internally at Quansight. Will update team after

  • [x] (MRB) What is going on w/ Julia?

    • IF - just trying to figure out how to do Julia packages - we were lagging behind for the past couple of years. they have binary depenedency packages - we’d like julia to use the ones in our conda environments instead of theirs. some binary dependencies depend on julia’s dependencies.

  • [x] (UK) Removing std=c++14 from clang activation



    • (IF) Wait for Kai to comment and merge the PR

  • [x] (IF) skip: True recipes in staged-recipes

    • eg:

    • TODO: MRB don’t allow mirroring for cuquantum, cuquantum-python, cuda-python. any more?

  • [x] Let Maxiconda know that we can’t use their logo


    • CJ and Jaime to coordinate since TDK is a quansight client

  • (IF) m1 mac

    • Jaime - will check internally to see if there are m1 macs available

    • CBurr - will check with macstadium and see if they can add an m1 mac or swap the intel mac for m1 mac

  • (MP) PyPy3.8

    • Hold off for another 2-3 weeks until 7.3.8

  • (IF) New staged-recipes reviewers

    • Daniel Ching (carterbox)

    • (JK) Benjamin Bertrand (beenje) [happy to move this if needed]

    • Kolen Cheung (ickc)

    • (MRB) Bastian Zimmermann (@BastianZim)

  • (JL) libmamba solver work update

    • release (opt-in) happening end of Jan/mid of Feb depending on releaes prep

    • additional feedback logging and issue management being set up

    • PR:

Pushed to next meeting


  • Skip next two CF meetings. Next meeting will be Jan 12, 2022

  • (CB) Issues from supporting CentOS 6:

    • Non trivial solver errors when dependencies drop support for CentOS 6

    • Growing number of packages use minor features from the newer glibc

    • Proposed solution:

      • Move to using CentOS 7 based docker container by default

      • Stop building with CentOS 6 on staged-recipes

      • static libs should have a run constraint on the new sysroot

      • Document common errors (e.g. O_PATH)

      • Add an admin command to migrate to CentOS 7?

      • make an announcement

  • (MRB) keep ruby features

    • we’ve been removing them in the repodata patches ever since we started patching

    • it appears to be a purposeful addition to the patching, but a wrong one?

    • PR:

    • related CEP draft:

  • JRG: Standardize Windows builds with Docker images (e.g.

    • Building conda-standalone on GitHub Actions vs Azure Pipelines results in different behaviour (_ssl error on GHA’s version)


    • Licensing?

  • JRG: Quansight has now access to the GPU server. Next steps?

  • JL/JRG: libmamba in conda progress report

    • main feature PR:

  • JL: conda-build 3.21.6/conda 4.11 kerfuffle

  • JL: conda-archive GitHub org,

Active votes


  • cfep-12 Removing packages that violate the terms of the source package

    • Stalled since May 26, 2020

    • Active debate about moving to “broken” vs deleting from conda-forge channel

    • Active vote, ends on 2020-03-11

    • What were the results of the vote?

    • Did we hear back from NumFOCUS? they did the legal seminar which is recorded



  • WV: Set up meet-and-greet call with homebrew team?

  • MRB: (repodata patches) make a cron job that runs and posts an issue + commit if it is non-empty


  • Self-hosting CI TODOs:

    • Change URL from Proposals:



    • Set up monitoring

      • Quantstack is setting up grafana for the mirror



  • [x] (WV): TensorFlow-GPU ready to go, just need to decide if GPU should get prio over CPU?!

    • GPU gets prio

  • (MRB) master to main move (

    • everything done except feedstocks, releases, conda-smithy, and our github actions

      • releases is broken, opened an issue with github

    • some options for feedstocks

      • make sure to change the upload on branch key

    • [x] (MRB) make an announcement on how to update local clones (moved to the issue above)

    • [x] (MRB) make sure to update upload_on_branch (moved to the issue above)


  • [ ] (IF/MRB/MV) intel oneAPI

    • todo

      • [ ] (Nikolay) licensing for opencl_rt

      • [ ] (Nikolay) intelmpi ABI compat w/ mpich

      • [ ] (MRB/IF) figure out how exactly to package C/C++ compilers

      • [ ] (MRB/IF) think about fortran ABI

      • [x] (MRB) make conda-forge compilers room (add people including keith)

  • [ ] (MB) asking core members to move to “emeritus” status

    • [ ] TODO: Eric to set up quarterly check-in for all core members to see if they’re interested in remaining “active” or if they want to move to emeritus

      • Remove emeritus folks from having access to various credentials (api tokens, twitter password, etc.)? This would require a change to the governance doc.


  • TODO: Think about bringing in JOSS to provide context around how we might best write papers


  • TODO: Check on Forrest Watters permissions for core

  • [x] (FF) Outreachy would cost 6500 USD.

    • Next steps: write abstract and vote on spending of funds.

2020-10-28 2020-10-21

  • [ ] (Marius?) Python 2.7 migration

    • ( ) [ ] make a hint

    • ( ) [ ] make an announcement

    • ( ) [ ] make the hint a lint


  • [ ] Make sure to add the NVBug info to the cudatoolkit package that conda-forge makes (if we make one)


  • [ ] (ED) Update governance docs with similar voting model as what got put into conda-tools (+3 with no -1 is a pass)

  • [ ] (SC) Write jinja template to turn institutional partners yaml into a website

  • [ ] (SC) Document what needs to be done to create an OVH account and get access

2020-08-26 Docker hub

  • [ ] (JK) Check in on Azure build workers to see if they have the docker hub limitation.

  • [ ] (JK) work with dockerhub to see if we can get OSS status

    • [ ] Check in again at some point. We haven’t heard back as of 2020-09-23


  • [ ] Shout-out on twitter at some point. “Thanks forOVHCloud for providing a VM”, etc. (maybe after we ship qt on windows with it?)

  • [ ] Figure out how to communicate breaking changes to users. Likely should open up an issue immediately for futher discussion. Ping @kkraus, plus capture notes from further up in these meeting notes

  • [ ] John K. will update the cuda toolkit feedstock on the git repo to note the NVBug link to the internal NVIDIA issue tracker

  • [ ] Jonathan will update docs to note that some non-exhaustive list of packages (like cuda-toolkit, MKL, etc.)

  • [ ] Jonathan will review this PR

  • [ ] (Kale) schedule conda working group

  • [ ] cfep-10 next steps: CJ to call a vote for feedback

  • [ ] cfep-06 next steps: Ask staged recipes team to champion this CFEP and move it forward

  • [ ] jakirkham & CJ-wright to sync on adding CUDA to the migration bot

  • [ ] (Eric) Scheduling Anaconda <-> conda-forge sync on requirements gathering

    • Will try and get this scheduled in the next month.

  • [ ] (Anthony) Reach out to NumFocus to figure out legal ramifications of not including licenses in files.

  • [ ] (Eric) check internally for funding levels for hotels & flying folks from the community in?

  • [ ] (Eric) Figure out finances of conda-forge to support themselves?

  • [ ] (jjhelmus) Open up CFEP for which python’s we’re going to support

  • [ ] (jakirkham) write a blog post on CUDA stuff we discussed today

  • [ ] (jakirkham) update docs on how to add CUDA support to feedstocks

  • [ ] (jakirkham) will open an issue on conda-smithy to investigate Drone issues. (ping the aarch team)


  • [ ] (ED) Who we are page? Some combination of a FAQ and a who is everyone. FAQ things like:

    • who’s the POC for CF <> Anaconda, CF <> NumFocus, CF <> Azure

    • who’s the POC for the various subteams?

    • Informal information: roles, day jobs, bios, the whole nine yards, why you’re here, etc.

    • Public or internal? I don’t really care either way. Anyone feel strongly one way or the other?

    • opt-in to public bios

    • software carpentry has a large number of instructors and has

    • some concern about “yet another place to keep stuff up to date”

  • [ ] (ED) document strategies for reproducible environments using conda-forge

  • [ ] (UK) Static libraries stuff

    • [ ] Add linting hints to builds to find them

    • [x] Recommend how to package them -> CFEP-18

    • [x] We should write docs saying we don’t provide support and this is a bad idea. -> CFEP-18