Becoming involved

conda-forge is a community-driven effort of cross-platform packaging and relies on volunteers to sustain and improve.

We encourage you to contribute to conda-forge. You can do so in several ways:

Improve the documentation

The conda-forge documentation is version-controlled in the repository on GitHub. The source text is stored in the src/ subdirectory of this repository (not the docs/ subdirectory) and is formatted using Python’s reStructuredText system.

You can propose quick edits directly through the GitHub website if you have a GitHub account — for instance, this link will take you directly to a web-based editor for this very webpage. In general, the file corresponding to each page in the GitHub browser has a little pencil icon in its top-right corner that lets you open it up for editing.

We are glad to know that you would like to contribute to the conda-forge documentation. If you are new to the conda-forge community, follow the steps below to make your first contribution:

  1. Fork the repository.

  2. Clone this fork onto your computer.

  3. Check out a new branch deriving from master to do your work.

  4. Make and commit your changes.

  5. Submit a pull request to the main repository proposing your changes.

Happy contributing!