(Q) A package I am looking for is not on conda-forge, what can I do?

We have an overview and step-by-step instruction on contributing packages in the section Contributing packages.

(Q) The feedstock for a package from conda-forge is updated, how long should it take to update on Anaconda Cloud?

It depends on the queue, but a good rule of thumb is to wait at least 30 mins - 2 hours. If you don’t see it after 24 hrs, please raise an issue.

(Q) A package from conda-forge is outdated or broken, where can I report the issue?

You can open an issue in the packages feedstock repository on GitHub. Search for the repository conda-forge/<package-name>-feedstock. There you can also suggest fixes or even become a maintainer. Please refer to Maintaining packages for details.

(Q) I have a question/suggestion. How can I contact you?

Please join us in our gitter channel! We are always happy to answer questions and help beginners!

(Q) I have a set of related packages, how do I create a conda-forge team?

Conda-forge github teams are very useful means of adding common maintainers to a set of related packages. For example, most R packages are co-maintained by the conda-forge/R team. To create a new team, you can just use one of the existing feedstocks from your packages. Each feedstock has automatically a team assigned (formed from the maintainers of that feedstock). For example, the conda-forge R team is coming from the r-feedstock. Then you can just add - conda-forge/r in the maintainers section to make all maintainers of the r-feedstock also maintainers of the new package.

(Q) Installing and updating takes a long time, what can I do?


  • Add information on strict channel priorities here.

  • Add information on conda-metachannel here.

(Q) Why is Travis-CI failing on my feedstock?

Travis CI builds should be enabled or disabled via the conda-forge.yml configuration. Nevertheless, sometimes Travis CI ignores this for whatever reason (probably a bug somewhere). In such a case, please disregard failing builds. Note that travis-ci.org builds are soon being phased out and replaced by travis-ci.com.