How to get help in conda-forge

We have three options for communication, live chat on gitter, GitHub issues, and a mailing list. Depending on the kind of problem one or the other may be more adequate.

Live chat on gitter

If you don’t know the first thing about conda-forge and/or is completely lost we recommend to get in touch via the chat and our community members will direct you to the proper documentation and/or help you via the chat.

GitHub issues

You can open issues at staged-recipes to request a new package or to report a problem with staged-recipes itself (our port of entry to conda-forge).

Or you can open an issue about a specific package at the package feedstock via<PACKAGE-NAME>-feedstock/issues

When opening issues be sure to:

  1. Try a new environment first following conda-forge install instructions.

  2. Always open a new one when an issue is closed. In the packaging world symptoms may be similar but the causes are usually very different.

  3. Fill in the required information. Without the output of conda list and conda info -a the team cannot debug the problem.

You can open issues at for long threads involving infrastructural, architectural or ecosystem wide discussions. Please note that some of these discussions will be turned into policy via the CFEP process.

Mailing list

The mailing list is a secondary home for long threads about the ecosystem.

TL:DR Don’t be shy! Get in touch!