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2023/04/03 20:01:20 UTC resolved
admin web services outage #143
The @conda-forge-admin web services appear to be entirely down, at least for issue commands. We'll post more updates as we get time to investigate.
2023/03/12 13:18:17 UTC resolved
Travis CI jobs not running #141
We are seeing Travis CI jobs not run with the error: "We are unable to start your build at this time. You exceeded the number of users allowed for your plan. Please review your plan details and follow the steps to resolution." We have written their support and will post updates as we learn more.
2023/03/11 00:43:45 UTC resolved
autotick bot maintenance #142
We will be performing maintenance on the autotick bot today. We do not know how long it will take, but will post updates here as we have them. The status page sections for migrations will be broken during the maintenance period.