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2024/02/17 19:29:35 UTC resolved
Upload validation is broken #165
The validation of uploads is broken and no new packages can be uploaded at the moment.
2024/01/18 05:38:50 UTC resolved
autotick bot is down due to possible data corruption #160
It appears there is some corruption in the autotick bot data that is causing it to fail to possibly generate PRs, find new versions, and update the status page. We expect this to be fixed later today.
2024/01/03 22:31:34 UTC resolved
Travis CI jobs not running #159
As of 2024, Travis CI jobs are not running for the org Am seeing the following message on Travis CI > We are unable to start your build at this time. You exceeded the number of users allowed for your plan. Please review your plan details and follow the steps to resolution. Have reached out to Travis CI support
2023/11/20 20:24:22 UTC resolved
New package uploads not available #158
### Comment: It looks like a CDN issue: ![image](