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Ongoing Incidents

See the linked GitHub issue for incident updates.
2020/09/21 13:38:48 UTC degraded performance
autotick bot is offline #89
The autotick bot is currently offline. We are investigating the cause and don't expect it to be working again until this evening. Version update and migration PRs will likely not be issued during this time.

Repos and Bots

admin web services status: No Status Available
CDN cloning status: operational

Current Migrations

Version Updates

Azure Pipelines Usage

Azure Piplines usage is not available.

GitHub Actions Usage

GitHub Actions usage is not available.

Travis CI Usage

Travis CI usage is not available.

Drone Usage

Drone usage is not available.

CircleCI Usage

CircleCI usage is not available.

AppVeyor Usage

AppVeyor usage is not available.

Cloud Services

GitHub status: No Status Available
Travis CI status: No Status Available
CircleCI status: No Status Available
AppVeyor status: No Status Available
Azure DevOps: No Status Available


2020/09/04 03:26:32 UTC resolved
Bot PR updating down #88
This means that in the short term bot-rerun labels won't work.
2020/08/27 15:11:07 UTC resolved
autotick bot down #87
The autotick bot is currently down due to corruption in the backend database. We are working to fix it and will hopefully have it up by the end of the day.
2020/07/14 07:08:19 UTC resolved
Travis-CI ppc64le builds sometimes stall #81
Builds randomly stall after some minutes and produce no output so that they are killed later by the 10min-no-output-timeout.