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2021/02/19 13:04:01 UTC resolved
Travis CI builds failing with "Job has been terminated due to insufficient credits balance" #109
Travis CI jobs are currently being killed with "Job has been terminated due to insufficient credits balance". We still have almost a million credits available so it's not clear why this is happening but it's under investigation.
2021/01/13 16:34:42 UTC resolved
CDN mirroring currently non-functional #107
Despite the status page claiming "CDN cloning status: operational" there is an issue that is preventing new packages from being added to the CDN.
2021/01/08 18:42:03 UTC resolved
Webservice (linting, team updates, rerendering) is down #106
Heroku server has hundreds of logs like, ``` Error L10 (output buffer overflow): drain 'd.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' dropped 1 messages since 2021-01-08T18:18:57.346657+00:00. ``` cc @conda-forge/core
2020/12/16 14:33:58 UTC resolved
rerendering is down #105
Rerendering via our web services admin commands is currently not working. We are working to resolve this in a timely manner.
2020/11/25 18:43:16 UTC resolved
Errors pulling docker images #102
Errors of the form "Error response from daemon: received unexpected HTTP status: 500 Internal Server Error" are currently been seen as a result of issues with See for details.
2020/11/24 11:38:22 UTC resolved
Travis POWER builds unavailable #100
As part of the [recent pricing changes on travis ci]( the conda-forge account has now ran out of builds credits causing native POWER builds to be unavailable. We're investigating possible solutions at the moment. Cross-compilation and emulated builds are unaffected.