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2023/09/15 09:13:10 UTC resolved
Windows pipelines are failing #155
The "Install conda-build" step fails with a solver conflict due to a missing package.
2023/08/02 03:41:16 UTC resolved
Package uploads are failing #153
It seems to affect most (all?) feedstocks: for a CI run on `main`, the built artefacts fail during publication: ``` ERROR getting output validation information from the webservice: JSONDecodeError('Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)') copy results: {} Failed to upload due to copy from staging to production channel failed. Trying again in 10 seconds ```
2023/07/05 19:38:54 UTC resolved
All macOS builds are failing #149
Investigating at
2023/06/29 08:39:26 UTC resolved
Migration statuses not updating correctly #148
The `r_base43` migration is not getting status updates. Most of the feedstocks listed as "In PR" were merged days ago.
2023/06/27 08:39:10 UTC resolved
Builds on osx & win failing #147
It appears there's some wide-spread breakage in osx & windows builds happening since about 20min; happens on every PR I've looked at that started since then. Failure looks like: ``` File "/Users/runner/miniforge3/lib/python3.10/site-packages/conda_index/index/", line 347, in _get_resolve_object sd._process_raw_repodata(repodata_copy) # type: ignore TypeError: SubdirData._process_raw_repodata() missing 1 required positional argument: 'state' ``` This happens before the actual build step of a given feedstock even runs, during the "Attempting to finalize metadata for " phase. While it's pure speculation, I have a suspicion that it might be related to (at least, no other relevant packages that I checked seemed to have been updated recently). CC @conda-forge/core
2023/06/24 21:49:14 UTC resolved
Migrations error in bot-bot job #145
Monitoring R 4.3 migration, I noticed we stopped getting PRs the last couple days, despite fixing up stuff I identified as blocking. Having a look at recent `bot-bot` jobs showed they run ~5 mins, as opposed to the typical ~1 hr runtimes from a few days back. The `run migrations` section of the `bot-bot` logs shows the following error: ```bash Run export START_TIME=$(date +%s) export START_TIME=$(date +%s) export TIMEOUT=7200 export CIRCLE_BUILD_URL="[${RUN_ID}]($%7BRUN_ID%7D)" export CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM="actually-actions-${RUN_ID}" pushd cf-graph conda-forge-tick auto-tick popd shell: /usr/bin/bash -l {0} env: MAMBA_ROOT_PREFIX: /home/runner/micromamba MAMBA_EXE: /home/runner/micromamba-bin/micromamba CONDARC: /home/runner/micromamba-bin/.condarc CI_SKIP: USERNAME: regro-cf-autotick-bot PASSWORD: *** RUN_ID: 5354311023 MEMORY_LIMIT_GB: 7 CF_TICK_GRAPH_DATA_BACKENDS: mongodb:file MONGODB_CONNECTION_STRING: *** ~/work/cf-scripts/cf-scripts/cf-graph ~/work/cf-scripts/cf-scripts limit read as 7.0 GB Setting memory limit to 6.0 GB collapsing closed PR json processing bot-rerun labels Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/runner/micromamba/envs/cf-scripts/bin/conda-forge-tick", line 8, in sys.exit(main()) File "/home/runner/work/cf-scripts/cf-scripts/cf-scripts/conda_forge_tick/", line 77, in main func(args) File "/home/runner/work/cf-scripts/cf-scripts/cf-scripts/conda_forge_tick/", line 1489, in main _update_graph_with_pr_info() File "/home/runner/work/cf-scripts/cf-scripts/cf-scripts/conda_forge_tick/", line 1471, in _update_graph_with_pr_info _update_nodes_with_bot_rerun(gx) File "/home/runner/work/cf-scripts/cf-scripts/cf-scripts/conda_forge_tick/", line 1341, in _update_nodes_with_bot_rerun with node["payload"] as payload, payload["pr_info"] as pri, payload[ File "/home/runner/work/cf-scripts/cf-scripts/cf-scripts/conda_forge_tick/", line 636, in __getitem__ return self._data[item] KeyError: 'pr_info' ~/work/cf-scripts/cf-scripts ```