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2021/08/24 08:44:13 UTC resolved
No CI checks for PRs on feedstocks #117
Since this morning the CI runs don't appear in the checks of PRs on feedstocks. This is affecting all feedstocks I have looked at. See for an example. The runs themselves still seem to be triggered, see
2021/08/20 12:02:23 UTC resolved
Feedstock conversion from staged-recipes failing #116
Feedstock conversion is currently failing with a permissions error from the Travis CI API. We're in contact with Travis's support and will report back here when more is known.
2021/06/15 13:48:07 UTC resolved
New package uploads not available #115
Newly built packages appear to not be available due to a CDN sync outage on Anaconda inc.'s servers. We do not have a timeframe for when they will be available again.