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2021/06/15 13:48:07 UTC resolved
New package uploads not available #115
Newly built packages appear to not be available due to a CDN sync outage on Anaconda inc.'s servers. We do not have a timeframe for when they will be available again.
2021/06/05 03:09:52 UTC resolved
new package uploads not available #114
Despite the positive status, the CDN is not syncing new packages. Thus new packages are not available. We do not currently have a timeframe for when this might be fixed.
2021/04/19 15:24:29 UTC resolved
CDN cloning delays - new packages not available #113
The CDN cloning needed to make new packages available appears to be delayed by at least an hour currently. Thus new packages will not be available for the time being. We'll update this issue when it is fixed.