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2020/05/18 07:26:42 UTC degraded performance
Travis-CI ppc64le builds sometimes stall #81
Builds randomly stall after some minutes and produce no output so that they are killed later by the 10min-no-output-timeout.

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2020/05/18 14:50:33 UTC resolved
rerendering down #85
Rerendering using the bot is currently down due to some maintenance. It should be back up in several hours. Rerendering locally should work.
2020/05/10 05:39:25 UTC resolved
Travis-CI ppc64le builds sometimes fail with no space left on device #79
One node on Travis-CI workers is the cause of this and restarting the build usually work. Travis-CI has been informed.
2020/04/30 21:18:15 UTC resolved
automerge bot ignoring some failed travis statuses #83
It appears that the automerge bot is ignoring some failed travis statuses. It has been taken offline until it can be fixed.
2020/04/19 22:37:39 UTC resolved
staged-recipes conversion down #80
Recipe conversion on staged-recipes is currently down. We are working to fix it and hope to have it fixed in the next few hours.
2020/03/13 17:05:03 UTC resolved
limited azure capacity #77
We are experiencing a reduction in azure build capacity. This is under investigation and we will post more information soon.