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2023/01/13 11:58:10 UTC resolved
Feedstock uploads need token reset #137
Our admin migrations bots lost a significant number of feedstock tokens, disabling uploads of feedstock builds. If your feedstock is affected, please send a request for a token reset to conda-forge/admin-requests. We are working to reset the tokens ourselves but do not know when this will be complete.
2022/12/20 18:45:56 UTC resolved
Travis CI queue backed up #136
Have been seeing long queue times on Travis CI since yesterday. This can also be seen via Travis CI's insight tab for the org. Travis CI has been notified of the issue. No ETA as of yet.
Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 9 18 35 AM
2022/12/09 14:22:23 UTC resolved
staged-recipes conversions stuck #135
staged-recipes is currently down. We will udpdate the github issue here when we know more.