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Compiler Migration Ending

ANN: It is happening! We have chosen next Tuesday, Jan. 15th, 2019 to complete the compiler migration. At this point, everything on the "gcc7" label will be moved to the "main" label and the "gcc7" label will be removed.

In case you need to roll back and keep using the old ABI packages, we will be adding a new label (likely called "19-01") for you to roll back to. Expect downtime and delays while we update all of our services.

Additionally, you'll note that not all feedstocks have been successfully migrated. This pages lists ~400 feedstocks left in PR or awaiting a parent. If you are the maintainer of one of the packages that is being left behind by the great switch over, we are not abandoning you! We feel that enough of the ecosystem has been migrated that we can no longer hold up the migration for the remaining packages. We'll work with you before and after Jan. 15th, 2019 to help get your package up -to-date on the new compilers. Ping "@conda-forge/core" as always, if you need help.

Thanks for your patience!



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