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Core team meetings

We hold biweekly meetings every second Wednesday from 17:00-18:00 (UTC). Feel free to stop by! Up-to-date invites are always available in the community calendar. Look for the [conda-forge] core meeting events!

We encourage contributors to join the meetings and learn more about and from the community.


Our meeting notes record important points discussed during the meetings and serve as a record for upcoming meetings. We make use of HackMD and a template to create the meeting notes.

We use a Github Actions workflow to create an automated PR with the meeting notes template for each session, which is automatically published to our HackMD team account. During the meeting, attendees will edit the HackMD document. After the meeting, the document is saved and the PR is synced with the changes by adding the sync-hackmd-notes label. Once satisfied, the PR is merged and the website will be updated with the new meeting notes.