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2017-04-26: General Discussion

Time: 17:00 (UTC)

Hangout link:


Jonathan Helmus, Eric Dill, Filipe, Peter Williams, John Kirkham, Matt Craig, Michael Sarahan

Standing Items



  • Defaults channel libpng and jpeg updates: scheduled for 1Q 2017. Continuum requests closer collaboration on future api/abi incompatible updates to core libraries.

  • One pinning scheme for both defaults and conda-forge?

  • That would be ideal. Hopefully we can head that way.

  • We missed the opportunity to coordinate libpng, I pinned to 1.6.28 and 1-day after I found out that defaults pinned to 1.6.27.

  • We should coordinate to move to icu 58.* together. I already pinned in the script (which is broken BTW), but I will start sending PRs to use that ICU soon.

  • Drop Python 3.4. Now that conda-forge have Qt 4+jpeg9* on Windows the Python 3.5+Windows users can migrate from Python 3.4 to 3.5.

  • Do MinGW compile things that play well with Python 3.5/MSVC 2015 yet? AFAICT this is still an issue.

  • Have a VM I'm willing to use to do this. Details here.

  • Re-rendering channel improvements. ( conda forge/conda smithy#401 )

  • GSoC

  • Build Qt 5 based on and manually upload it

  • Document when should we use osx_is_app: True

  • should use this whenever a GUI is involved. This uses pythonw on osx instead of python

  • Status of Python 3.6 and Numpy 1.12 package: Discuss the MNT: Re-render the feedstock [ci skip] issue for Linux Python 3.6 packages.

  • Take advantage of conda 4.3 new feature "Generic- and Python-Type Noarch/Universal Packages."

  • Example of how this could be done using the imagesize package: conda forge/imagesize feedstock#3

  • Break linter out of conda-smithy into a new package (e.g. conda-lint). conda forge/conda smithy#386

  • Perl silliness. Too many Perls showing up after re-rendering. How to fix? conda forge/conda smithy#415

  • Use Travis-CI auto-cancel feature

  • Discuss how to enable R builds. We do not have win32 builds of r-base and no way to deal with the CONDA_R= yet.

  • When building R packages, there is often a timeout when downloading the sources from CRAN. Maybe the connect and read timeout in conda-build can be made configurable?

  • Manual upload of VTK due to CI limitation.

  • Discuss R migration effort

  • Discuss staged-recipes/Travis CI failures.

  • Discuss revamping team update as a webservice ( conda forge/conda forge webservices#63 )

  • Note the current team update has been failing for months and only completes a little more than half the teams.

  • Adding other specialized teams.

  • consider switching to dropbox paper (as the bar at the top of hackpad suggests). I know that jupyter has switched to dropbox paper for their dev meetings. (Apparently this is no longer optional) (admin of the conda-forge group on hackpad can "migrate" these hackpads to paper: )

  • Guidance for renaming conda packages and its impact on the feedstock. tl;dr do you (a) submit a new recipe to staged recipes and deprecate the old one or (b) update the feedstock in-place

  • Discuss updated pinning handling ( conda forge/staged recipes#2267 ) ( conda forge/conda smithy#482 ).

  • Suggestion: Match name the pinning file will have in conda build 3.

  • Dropping Obvious-CI from the docker image ( conda forge/docker images#47 ).

  • X11 CFEP

  • Omnia moving to conda-forge