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2019-05-15 conda-forge meeting

Pinned Items

New items

  • Discuss the use of Drone (native ARM) in conda-forge.
  • Make conda-forge enhancements proposal a "first class citizen" and it a voting process for approving them in our governance docs. (scopatz volunteered to add it to the docs.)
  • SciPy plans and how to spend ESIP/NumFOCUS sprint grant money.
    • Buy dedicated machines.
  • Elections/Governance Upcoming helper for staged-recipes - jan jansen (TODO)
  • Should we "dogfood" strict, which may be default in the next conda, in our CIs?
  • Azure status
    • Need to fix windows (vc9/14 and cmake)
    • Credentials issues (need pipelines account to access Azure, will move to GH auth soon)
    • How to handle bespoke build agents (for builds taking longer than 6 hours (qt, compilers, etc.)
    • How to restart an Azure job?
    • Louder communication path for large ecosystem shifts (compiler migrations)
      • Banner on AnacondaCloud, status updates on channel
      • Print something while using conda install
      • More frequent updates
    • AnacondaCloud can fall over (mirroring conda)
    • Try to track down hard linked drivers in GPU packages.
    • Progress on colo talks for bins of gpus at Anaconda (Waiting on Mike W. on this.)
  • Migrations
  • Nvidia relationship
  • Perl ecosystem? (ocefpaf:Ask bBjorn G.)
    • move forward with plan to incorporate perl into CF
      • Do we have an issue or something for this?
  • R 3.6 migration? (ocefpaf: Ask bBjorn G.)