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2019-02-20 conda-forge meeting

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New items

  • Elections
    • Staged
      • mjscosta
        • "I can review C++ and Python, and Python + extensions recipes."
  • Discuss
    • Two kinds of migration
      • No breakage (everything is pinned properly so everything can live side by side)
      • Breakage (current pins are incorrect, need second channel or hotfix repodata)
  • Plans for AnacondaCon
  • Migrations
  • Meta Channel
  • Conda-forge on Open Source Directions
  • Azure status
    • Linux and OSX ready to go
    • Need to fix windows (vc9 and cmake)
    • Credentials issues (need pipelines account to access Azure, will move to GH auth soon)
    • Postpone to next meeting
  • ESIP update
    • choose a date and place for the sprint
    • decide how much we will use for CIs vs Sprint/Travel (1000USD/4000USD?)
  • Nvidia relationship
    • Anaconda met with Rapids (NVIDIA) team
    • Reach out to NVIDIA to attend meetings
    • Add NVIDIA person to core?
    • Add to governance discussing donations and governance.
    • More followup with NVIDIA needed
    • Building GPU packages using conda-forge packages, upload to their own channel after building with cudatoolkit on their own Jenkins system.
    • Maybe form a working group?
  • Perl ecosystem?