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conda-forge core meeting 2023-09-06

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NameInitialsGitHub IDAffiliation
Dave ClementsDPCtnabtafAnaconda
Cheng H. LeeCHLchenghleeAnaconda/c-f
Marcel BargullMBmbargullBioconda/cf
Filipe FernandesFFocefpafconda-forge
Jaime Rodríguez-GuerraJRGjaimergpQuansight/cf
Matthew R BeckerMEBbeckermrcf

11 people total

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Your __new__() agenda items

  • (HV) MacOS 10.13, redux
    • Cannot use recipe_append.yaml as discussed last call, doesn't work for outputs
    • Since then: new feedstock for "sysroot" on osx & plan to handle this through new jinja function {{ stdlib('c') }} together with cbc-keys for sysroot_impl+version (would also help linux side)
    • This will probably take a while (conda-build, boa, rattler-build, etc., much less rolling out to all feedstocks), and we need an intermediate fix due to already-pressing issues.
  • (HV) Branch deletion policy?
    • I'd suggest to delete dead branches on feedstocks (e.g. long-EOL maintenance branches), and keep history as a git tag on the feedstock. Thoughts?
  • (DPC) From the open source director at Posit
  • (CHL) Annoucement: expect a conda release end of September

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