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conda-forge core meeting 2024-01-10

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NameInitialsGitHub IDAffiliation
Daniel ChingDJCcarterboxArgonne National Lab
Dave ClementsDPCtnabtafAnaconda
Marcel BargullMBmbargullBioconda/cf
Mark AndersonMAAmarkanAnaconda
Cheng H. LeeCHLchenghleeAnaconda/cf
Matthew R BeckerMRBbeckermrcf
Jaime Rodríguez-GuerraJRGjaimergpQuansight/cf
John KirkhamJKjakirkhamNVIDIA/cf

9 people total

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  • (JRG): New website tour and plans (
    • Migrated to Docusaurus (also used in
    • What should we do with documentation site?
      • There is organization documentation (how the org works). This is more of a community section.
    • Coming next: announcements page migration to news/.
    • Use last updated repos API for the feedstock-outputs
  • (DPC) Conda-Forge off of twitter now, damn it.
    • Filipe is mostly out for next 10 days or so.
    • So, put this on hold.
  • (DPC) Google Summer of Code 2024
    • Advice from NumFOCUS for 2024:
      • A key lesson learnt from last year is that Google’s approach to selecting projects is not well suited to umbrella organizations like NumFOCUS. This year, we heavily recommend projects which can apply on their own to do so. We encourage you to explore and propose projects in the AI/ML space. We also expect more potential GSoC contributors to be looking for AI/ML related ideas.
    • From Google
      • We are looking forward to having more AI/ML open source organizations involved in GSoC 2024
    • Is there interest in a conda-forge for GSOC 2024?
    • Is there interest from conda-forge in a conda-wide application?
    • Or would that be an umbrella organization? 🙁
    • Wolf will lead the effort.
  • (JK) CUDA
  • (MRB) status of this smithy PR (
    • on zip key ordering in rendering and unstable rerenders
    • MB: Needs changes, will update.
  • (DPC) This is my last call before I retire (this Friday)!
    • Thank you being a great community to be a part of for the past 2 years!
    • JRG: <3

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