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conda-forge core meeting 2023-09-20

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NameInitialsGitHub IDAffiliation
Daniel ChingDJCcarterboxArgonne National Laboratory
Jaime Rodríguez-GuerraJRGjaimergpQuansight/cf
Sylvain CorlaySCSylvainCorlayQuantStack
Thorsten BeierTBderThorstenQuantStack
Katherine KinnamanKKkathatherineAnaconda
Wolf VollprechtWVwolfv
Matthew R BeckerMRBbeckermrcf
Jannis LeidelJLjezdezAnaconda/cf

X people total

Standing items

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From previous meeting(s)

  • (HV) -dev vs. -devel
    • came up in boost unification, current PR uses the latter based on Isuru's rationale
    • matches Anaconda naming & CDTs, does not match recent CUDA feedstocks, tangentially related to distro discussion (RHEL vs. Debian). We should try to choose one.
    • JRG: Our own data
  • (HV) Branch deletion policy?
    • I'd suggest to delete dead branches on feedstocks (e.g. long-EOL maintenance branches), and keep history as a git tag on the feedstock. Thoughts?

    • MRB: Historic norm is to leave this to feedstock maintainers.

    • JRG: if we go this way, make it happen via admin-requests, not through UI with no papertrail (automation for the win!)

Active votes

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Your __new__() agenda items

  • (HV) Yearly python releases vs. 5 year upstream support

    • Releases moved closer together due to PEP602, 3.8 still has one full year before its EOL when we start with 3.12 migration (details).
    • Generally: Do we prefer 5 CPython builds, or are we fine with dropping support for v3.{N-4} one year before its EOL?
    • Jannis: Look at again
    • MRB: conclusion "we'll make a best-effort committment to all 5 python versions but individual feedstock manitainers may remove older versions at their discretion."
  • (IF) MinGW with UCRT64 toolchain and updated M2

    • Binary repackage of MSYS2 packages (for build only. No linking with downstreams)
    • Binary repackage of libgcc, libwinpthread
    • Getting rid of m2w64- packages
    • MSYS2 bug: $(cygpath -w $(cygpath -u $CONDA_PREFIX/Library/bin)) = $CONDA_PREFIX/Library/usr/bin
    • Get more storage on
      • Jannis: I'll ask at Anaconda, how much do you need?
      • 2GB
  • (SC) Emscripten-wasm-32 builds on conda-forge

    • Presentation of emscripten-forge by Thorsten Beier
    • Presentation of use cases
    • Potential CFEP opening
    • Questions:
      • Use CMake directly instead of em-make (?)
      • Compiler ABI incompatibilities might make it hard to have global migrations.
      • Support needed at conda-index & add issue in conda/infrastructure.
      • We should start an issue in conda-forge/

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