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2016-07-22: General discussion

Time: 14:00 UTC

Hangout link:


John Kirkham

Jonathan Helmus

Matt Craig

Phil Elson

Michael Sarahan


Standing items

  • How many repos?
  • How many contributors?
  • New core devs?


  • Governance/mechanism for formally proposing and deciding on enhancements.

    *   Motivation:  Without a formal governance model it is difficult for the conda-forge  community to reach final decisions.  There is no designated place to  propose changes in, e.g. compiler infrastructure or whether to run or  not to run a package's unit tests, so these end up being scattered  across pull requests and issues.
  • SciPy sprint:

  • conda-forge code of conduct doc:

  • Discuss some guidelines to contact the authors

  • Feedstocks philosophy: Explicit vs implicit / reproducible vs redundant

  • OSX - getting back to a usable, coherent, stack

    *   libc++ (clang) vs libstdc++ (gcc/g++)
    • Minimum OSX required for clang (10.8, I think?)

    • Actually clang is usable beginning in 10.7. So, this would be viable given your compatibility constraints.

    • Also, all the refs I have seen suggest that this will still have C++11 support.

    • Compatibility with defaults (built on 10.7, uses gcc) - where will people break? I think only if mixing packages - how do we assure that we have all the ones we need?

  • Improving infrastructure

    *   Travis CI API issues
    • Finish out GitHub API issues
    • Better workflows with staged-recipes
  • Low level packaging

  • Basic community practices when PR-ing to staged-recipes.

  • No need to re-discuss this. I am still writing the docs and, if ready, I will send the link tomorrow (or after SciPy ;-)

  • NetCDF (also curl/ca-certificates and Perl packages) - Done?

    *   curl and ca-certificates are done and available. 
    • Perl is no longer relevant as part of this process
  • Notifications (how do we stay on top of them)

  • Standardizing installs

    *   Mention [`toolchain`]( .

    * Discuss rollout to feedstocks.

    * Get feedback on [`python-toolchain`](
  • MSYS2

    *   Available on defaults - was in conda 4.1.7, but that was pulled.  Coming in 4.1.8.
    • Discussing Ray Donnelly's work on MSYS2 packages and how we want to use and integrate these into conda-forge.
    • Some use cases to consider OpenBLAS, FFTW, build tools, others?
  • Binary data

    *   Do we include it in recipes?
    • What kinds do we allow if any (e.g. icons)?
    • How do we verify the licensing?
    • How do we verify that they are safe?
  • OpenBLAS (on Windows)

  • Dev releases: Where do they happen?

    *   Do we do them at conda-forge?

    * Maybe add a label.

    * Do we let others do them with a feedstock on their own repo?
    • How do we enforce whatever we decide?
  • Conda-forge installer

    *   We have Python 3.5, and 3.4 now. Would be nice to have 2.7.
  • Channel mirroring

    *   Can this point be a little bit explained? I thought about this as well and would like to contribute to this point.

    * Eric Dill has put together a script for copying a package from one channel to another here: [conda forge/conda](
    * I have a really, really crude script that copies all of the packages in one channel to another that I just put at: []([](
    * conda-build-all can copy from one channel to another: `conda build-all --inspect-channels conda-forge --upload-channels astropy some_packge_recipe` will copy the `some_package` from the channel conda-forge to astropy if it can, or build it if it doesn't exist on conda-forge. Discussion about what the desired behavior should be has started at: [SciTools/conda build all#46](
  • Feedstock history

    *   Is it sacred?
    • Do we rebase/force push?

          *   If so, under what conditions?
      • How do we avoid multiple people doing this simultaneously?

                *   I don't think you can.

        * IMHO, if it's just one author in staged recipes, sure. If feedstock, no force push - only to PRs to feedstock. If people don't mind merge PRs, it sure is a lot simpler to not rebase. I have messed up rebasing a few times recently... =(
  • Docker hosting solution

    *   Docker Hub builds were broken for a week and a half.
    • Have switched to currently.
    • Mirroring image on Docker Hub.
    • Thoughts about Thoughts about hosting in general?
  • Continuum metadata request: can we add these to linter?

    *   example metadata: []([](
    • Also, distinguish summary (limit of 77 or 80 chars) from description (unlimited)
    • Anaconda verify: would be nice to meet in the middle, rather than diverge. conda-build may integrate anaconda-verify, would be nice if conda-forge added metadata here.
  • Google hangouts has a max capacity of 10. Is it worth considering other methods of communication so everyone who wants to participate can?

  • Maybe this ( ) is an option.

  • Bluejeans

  • Continuum has webex. Past experience is that some Linux platforms had trouble connecting

  • Drop numpy 1.10 and reduce our build matrix. (Numba now works with numpy 1.11.)

  • This comment from the PR for graphviz is the best summary I've seen: conda forge/staged recipes#568#issuecomment-225315370

  • Thanks for pointing this out. The described solution looks reasonable and is preferable to prefixing package names. Great!

  • What is the benefit?

  • Will we distinguish between libs and standalone tools, similar to Debian? I would strongly suggest to do this, because it is (1) established and (2) more accessible for the user (if he wants to use a library, he knows the language. If he wants to use a standalone, he doesn't care). ( )

  • Will there be an orchestrated move? If not, how do we deal with inconsistencies and potential conflicts (installing both python-h5py and h5py).

    *   we will probably go with meta-packages for conflicting packages
  • Signing packages

  • Should be easy to do. ( )

  • There has been some interest previously.

  • HTTPError: 503 Server Error: Service Unavailable: Back-end server is at capacity for url...

  • Seems we are regularly running into this issue under normal usage conditions.

  • Had discussed previously caching packages on AppVeyor and trying to reuse those to start.

  • Maybe we need to consider caching on all CIs.

  • Building our own Miniconda-like self-extracting scripts with packages via constructor.

  • There have been improvements on Continuum's side that should help this. In short, repodata (the package index for a given channel) was being generated for each query. This was unnecessarily high cost, and some caching schemes have been implemented.

  • Handling removal of unpinned/improperly pinned packages.

  • Has been done manually thus far.

  • This doesn't scale well though.

  • Should we (semi) automate removal?

  • Should we hot-fix broken packages? ( conda forge/conda )

  • Travis CI API unreliability


  • 873 repositories, 171 people
  • Discussion of adding new core-devs and onboarding new contributors
  • Governance/Enhancements proposals

    • Want place to move longer technical discussions which will eventually move to decision

    • Use cases for enhancements proposals from the past

      *   compiler decisions (one per OS)
      • CentOS 5 vs 6
    • Enhancements vs how decisions are made

      *   core group which votes on the issue?  Others from the community?
      • proposal should provide evidence to help others understand the issue
    • Enhancement proposals get merged regularly

      *   "pending" status on issue where no decision has been made
    • No BDFL, committee instead (astropy has coordinating committee, numpy has a steering council)

    • Enhancement proposal proposal Pull Request -- Jonathan

    • Iterate for numpy like governance

  • Blog post on conda-forge sprint -- Filipe

  • code of conduct

    *   Filipe has draft, please review
    • How do we handle those who misbehave (specified in document)
    • Submit as enhancement proposal, review after ~1 week submit
    • committee which will sit on code-of-conduct panel to act as nanny (perhaps some external)
  • contacting authors -- ping 4/5 active contributors to inform and ask if they want to contribute

    *   do not add people to list of maintainers without permissions, let them add themselves in a pull request
    • add common snippets to docs so they are easier to find and used by others
    • John will add a generic comment to guidelines for contacting contributors via PR.
  • Lots of mention and excitement of conda-forge at SciPy

    *   Time-series on big packages mentioned at SciPy?
    • Some questions on Nathan's whl talk
  • Split gdal into libgdal and gdal like default has done, seem to have fixed issue

  • Next meeting 3 weeks from today, Aug 12th