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2018-04-17 conda-forge meeting

  • Zoom instructions: +How to connect to zoom

  • Debriefing on the AnacondaCon meeting (for those that weren’t there)

  • conda-smithy 3 and conda-build 3 move

    • issue the releases for conda-smithy 3 and conda-forge-pinning
    • review the list from packages that must be rebuilt with the new compilers
      • Look for packages that have toolchain in their deps
      • MichaelS to document and give demo on how to transition old recipes to new style
      • CJ reports ~763 packages that use "toolchain" in build deps. MichaelS to get that list from CJ, and will divide into two sets:
        • recipes that have already been done in AnacondaRecipes and should be PR’ed to Conda-forge
        • recipes that need modification for new compilers and remove python as mechanism for activating VC features