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2018-03-06 meeting agenda

  • Drop win32

  • Build python 3.7 rc

    • Jonathan will start building rc in May when rc1 is scheduled
  • Status of the conda-build 3 move

  • How to reduce binary size (strip our binaries?)

  • AnacondaCon agenda

    • Eric (maybe), John, Filipe, Anthony, [Jonathan, Michael], CJ (maybe)
    • Have we heard anything from Peter? (esp. funding)
    • +AnacondaCon agenda
  • Use zoom for meetings?

    • Zoom can handle more people than Hangouts
    • Zoom needs native client, does include linux
    • Try Zoom next week, see which is better
    • join the "ericdill" meeting
  • Next week:

    • Policy for pulling/moving packages to broken
    • Policy for orphan packages

Hangout link: