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2016-04-22 Exceptional meeting regarding VC pinning mechanism

14:00 UTC

Hangout Link:

Subject: How do we want to express recipes for particular VS versions.

  • New conda-build release - may be necessary for VS builds:

    *   Rebuild Eigen to test that the latest version works - if so we can drop [John Kirkham]('s conda-smithy branch that tries to fix appveyor.
    • This has all been done and works now. In some cases Python 3.4 64-bit builds on Windows have issues. That is still not understood.
  • Current guidance at and

  • How should a simple recipe look? The following is problematic in conda-build currently because the VS version isn't determined until the build environment has been resolved (i.e. after the metadata has been parsed, currently):

  • Should conda-build automatically express the msvc_runtime dependency?

  • If we had pinning capabilities within conda-build, does that become easier?

  • Whatever we choose, how do we maintain compatibility with defaults?