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2019-09-04 conda-forge core meeting


List the attendees for the meeting

  • Filipe
  • Eric
  • Sophia C.
  • Dougal
  • Lori
  • Anthony
  • Marius


Pre-arranged stuff to talk about. Email core team on Monday of the week of the dev meeting to ask for things to talk about.

  • NumFOCUS summit. Can send 2 people with their funding. Can apply for 1 numfocus award.

    • What's the numfocus award? "Outstanding new contributor award". Every project gives out an award to their best new member / contributor. That is up to the project to determine. This is a "welcome, hey, you're doing a great job" sort of thing. Last year we gave it to CJ.
      • Anthony will own the nominations and voting.
    • Two people to send with funding:
      • Filipe
      • Sophia C.
    • Time: November 1st-3rd. (Fri-Sun). Pydata: Nov 4th-6th (M-W)
  • conda-forge talk at pydata nyc? Marius will check and see if there's interest from the organizing committe. - conda-forge tutorial at pydata nyc?

  • Discussed how to set up a blog. Options are probably Medium / host your own on the conda-forge website.

    • Medium seems to be generally downvoted
    • Host your own blog seems to be generally positive
    • Issues raised: Searching on our website is a little difficult.
  • New conda-smithy release? haven't cut one in months. Anthony will cut a new release of conda-smithy.

    • Do we have docs on releasing conda-smithy? There are some instructions in the readme. Anthony and Filipe will sync later on getting this done (and maybe the docs updated)
  • (Filipe) ESIP funds. Gave good feedback on packages. They weren't really sure what it was that we did behind the scenes.

  • (Filipe) Pangeo meeting last week. Folks are generally happy with conda-forge. They're struggling with channels, strict, and are generally not interested in engaging us with issues.

    • How can we get users to engage us and open issues?

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Last meeting

  • Filipe: contact Chris Roth about interesting in helping in create a blog Done. No opinion on platform and no experience with blogging.
  • John K: Create, or link, google doc with survey questions
  • Marius: Begin migration from AppVeyor, see topic for breakout items
  • Anthony and Filipe: conda smithy release for linux-armv7l
  • Anthony + Sophia: Statuspage RSS
  • Anthony: Who is going to champion the CZI funding initiative? May be useful to turn this into a github issue

2 meetings ago

  • Filipe to open issue about fixing docs -- there were some issues that came up at the sprints. * Two were fixed at SciPy. One is pending: make the use of strict clear in our docs. All done.
  • Mike S.: pypy Next steps: Say yes / no to the spec, point out potential pitfalls, give it back to (Matti?) and say here's the work that needs to be done.
  • Marius: Open issue on noting work done on the kubernetes cluster. Did some kubernetes work at scipy.
  • Marius: reach out to internal IT to clean up some Zoom hiccups. Still in progress 2019-09-04
  • Marius: intel compiler architecture repo update.
    • Will set up linux hosts.
    • 2019-09-04. Talked with Azure DevOps to get them to help with image building. There's someone here in NYC that Marius has met with to give better support to extend existing build containers. Then we can add the intel compiler into it as opposed to building it ourselves.
    • Eric: Move this to a issue.
  • Matt: source-extractor update. Follow-up with Anthony and NumFocus around the renaming issue. Update: Anthony has submitted the potential CoC violation, we are waiting to hear back. Feedback from participants at Python in Astronomy 2019 was that it is time for the name to change to source-extractor.
    • 2019-09-04. Anthony: More or less resolved. Waiting on someone to approve (beckermr). Then will go through another round of review with numfocus
  • Eric: Set up meeting to talk through the conda-forge feature set requirements for the new
    • Sent out email to group beginning this conversation on 20-19-09-06.
  • Eric: Confirm with core team that no one wants access, as long as the conda-forge feature set is included in the design of the replacement for

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  • (Filipe) Progress on setting up a self-hosted blog

    • Medium seems to be generally downvoted
    • Host your own blog seems to be generally positive
    • Issues raised: Searching on our website is a little difficult.
  • (Filipe, Anthony) Improve docs on releasing conda-smithy. Currently says "use rever". Would be good to fill out more info there for those of us that are unfamiliar with rever.

  • (Filipe, Anthony) conda-smithy release.