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2019-10-02 conda-forge core meeting


  • Eric
  • John K.
  • Sophia C.
  • Jonathan H.
  • Filipe
  • Marius
  • Lori
  • Scopatz
  • CJ
  • Mike S.
  • Ralf G.


Pre-arranged stuff to talk about. Email core team on Monday of the week of the dev meeting to ask for things to talk about.

  • (CJ) Pytorch/torchvision discussion (tweet)
    • How do we get greater maitainer participation?
    • External users find it difficult to get involved
    • Standards centos6/7
    • Community ownership model improvements
    • Have a follow-on conversation with PyTorch maintainers, conda-forge and Anaconda?
  • (Filipe) NumFOCUS grants and more transperancy/communication with expenses
    • Write up plan that we discussed on the call and make it public
    • Create finances subteam to approve disbursement of funds
    • Numfocus workflow is:
      • someone submits things through rocket
      • They update spreadsheet
      • Someone from conda-forge core needs to approve the new spend.
      • Set up notifications for your user so that approvers are aware of when changes are made.
  • (Filipe) CZI proposal (deadline December 2019)
  • (CJ) CFEP-10 for assigning standings to feedstocks
    • Comment in PR that only 3 Version PRs will be issued by bot
    • What are we supposed to do with conda packages for feedstocks that are no longer being actively maintained
      • Epoch out packages archived feedstocks?
        • Package based messaging?
      • one user perspective: would prefer correct and/or up-to-date versus "works for the thing i did one year ago"
  • (CJ) Testing story, encourage people to add full test suites?
    • Mixed responce, table for later
  • (John) Update on GPU packaging
    • Made docker images, based on NVIDIA CUDA images
    • Built UCX
  • (CJ) NumFOCUS sprint form

Subteam updates






CI infrastructure

Compiler upgrade

  • (Isuru) Update to clang 8.0.1 and gfortran 7.3.0 on OSX

    • No rebuild necessary. (Rebuild for gfortran 7.3.0 is already done. We build with 7.3.0 and 4.8.5)
    • This should be pain free except for some packages that do -Wall -Werror.
    • We get better compilers.
    • We don't have to rely on defaults as we build these in conda-forge CI.
    • We get a linker that supports .tbds . (new linker might work with older compiler, but not sure about packages compiled with -flto)

CFEP updates

How do we start getting traction on these?







Your agenda items


  • Funding round?

jeremy howard's criticisms and discussion

  • It's still difficult to get involved
  • Ralf, as a numpy / scipy maintainer, still struggles to understand how to get involved.
    • External project maintainers plus maintainers of recipe -- so-and-so already owns it how can i start contributing to the package.
  • the average user doesn't want to think about glibc. it's an implementation detail that the average packager doesn't want to think about. Most people are happy to follow these guidelines

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Last meeting

  • (Eric) Email out to see if we can get more engagement on regular dev meetings.
  • (Sophia) Set up meeting to talk about Condafile stuff.
  • (CJ) write blog post on bot work and compiler migration
  • (Filipe) Ping Bjorn to try and get Debian community more involved with conda-forge
  • (Eric) Scheduling Anaconda <-> conda-forge sync on requirements gathering
  • (Anthony) Reach out to NumFocus to figure out legal ramifications of not including licenses in files.

2 meetings ago

  • (Filipe) Progress on setting up a self-hosted blog
    • Medium seems to be generally downvoted
    • Host your own blog seems to be generally positive
    • Can we mimic what Dask does for their dev blog?
  • (Needs Owner) Searching on our website is a little difficult
  • (Filipe, Anthony) Improve docs on releasing conda-smithy. Currently says "use rever". Would be good to fill out more info there for those of us that are unfamiliar with rever.

3 meetings ago


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