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Contracting Information

If you are interested in a contractual engagement to solve a specific problem that you're facing, this page details the kinds of services that are available to you. conda-forge, as an entity, does not have the ability to engage in a contractual arrangement as of now. However, there are a number of community members that you may engage with. conda-forge does not endorse anyone (individuals or companies) listed on this page.

If you are interested in a service that is not listed on this page, please reach out to us on our issue tracker, on Element or via emailing the core team directly at [email protected] and we will help to circulate your request more broadly within the community.

Our intent with this page is to communicate whom you should contact and negotiate a contract with. We hold no liability for the outcome of those negotiations or the results of any work that is done under those terms. We will not arbitrate any contract disputes. That is between the payer and payee to hammer out on their own.

Known Service Providers


Services offered: Core Library Development, Open Source Consulting, Rapid application development, AI/ML applications, Big Data Visualization, Packaging, Migration

Contact Info: [email protected] ;

Background / Description: Anaconda is the original creator of Conda and the original host of conda-forge, and we are happy to work on applying these and other open-source tools to solve your own specific challenges. Anaconda's open-source professionals are the experts at identifying the most appropriate OSS tools, adapting them to your particular situation, and extending or augmenting them to solve new and bigger problems. We have specialists in reproducible science, working with petabyte-scale datasets using python compilation and distributed computation, adapting AI techniques to your particular problems, visualizing even the largest datasets in any web browser, working efficiently with datasets in any format or location, and adding browser-based interactivity to any workflow.


Services offered: Core Library Development, Data Engineering, Algorithms / AI / ML, Infrastructure / Big Data, Visualization / Dashboards, Open Source Support, Packaging, Integration

Contact Info:

Background / Description: Quansight's goal is to create operational solutions to support your analytic and visualization needs. We automate the data-science process in a way that works for your business use cases. Quansight has the experience to assess an organization's needs and provide the best integrated solution to turn raw data into actionable quantitative insights. By employing the maintainers and contributors to many open source projects worldwide, including core aspects of the Conda ecosystem and community, we provide top talent to ensure our customers have access to the latest technology while also leveraging legacy investments.

Becoming a Service Provider

The conda-forge core team reserves the right to unilaterally update this list at any time for any reason. If you are a service provider and are interested in being added to this list please open up a pull request against the repository. Add yourself to this list and detailing the services you provide. Please be brief and link to existing materials on your own website where possible. Then, when ready, ping @conda-forge/core for review and merging.