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Joining the team

conda-forge is a volunteer-driven community. We would love for you to help us.

We have three main groups of people who maintain the ecosystem. They are the Core Team, the staged-recipes Maintainers, and the Feedstock Maintainers. If you are interested in helping us maintain this ecosystem, our biggest need is help in reviewing new conda packages coming in through staged-recipes.

The Core Team

The core team is the governing body over the entire conda-forge organization. Members of the core team have full rights over all conda-forge repositories. Members of core are the face of the project, and are responsible for officially interfacing with external communities, organizations, non-profits, and companies. They are also responsible for maintaining conda-forge's infrastructure.

If you are interested in joining the core team, please get in touch with us on our Element chatroom. Core members are added via a vote amongst the current core team. The core team member who is running your vote will ask you to provide sufficient justification as to why you should be nominated to core. Prior service to the community, including ,but not limited to, serving as a staged-recipes reviewer, working on critical conda-forge infrastructure, and helping to bridge disparate communities are an important part of the nomination process.

The staged-recipes Maintainers

You are the welcoming committee for new recipes coming in to the conda-forge community! Please give new (and experienced) contributors a pleasant experience! Generally speaking, your role is as follows:

  1. Keep up to date with the current best practices for conda packaging standards
  2. Provide recipe review which generally means making sure that the recipe under review adheres to what we list on the Contributing packages page.
  3. Open issues as needed, both on staged and on the other flagship repos (smithy, webservices, docs, etc.), especially when problems occur.
  4. Helping recipe maintainers who bump the conda-forge/help-* teams.

To join the staged-recipes team, please ask one of the core members on our Element chatroom. We will then reach consensus in private and let you know our decision. Our decision will likely be "yes" but it could be "please get more involved with the review process on staged recipes first" if we have not seen you take much interest in the staged-recipes review process. For transparency, our process is to have the core team "vote" on adding new members. When we have a new member candidate, we ask the core team to vote yes/no and give the team seven days to vote. The person will then be given merge rights to conda-forge/staged-recipes so that they can help us review and merge submissions more quickly!

The Feedstock Maintainers

Feedstock maintainers are responsible for

  1. Keeping their recipes up-to-date including version bumps.
  2. Merging ABI migration PRs from our bots.
  3. Responding to issues raised by the community on the feedstock issues tracker.

If you'd like to maintain a specific feedstock, open a PR on the feedstock adding yourself as a maintainer. If the current maintainers have not responded after a week, please get in touch with the core team to get the PR merged.