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We do a lot of things but only blog about some of them.

Here are some recent selections.

  • Contributing Packages To conda-forge Using Grayskull - ForgottenProgramme, 2021-06-16

    When contributing packages to conda-forge, Grayskull can make your life much easier. Grayskull generates recipes for Python packages hosted on PyPI.

  • Conda-forge Outreachy - viniciusdc, 2021-02-02

    Conda-forge is participating in the upcoming round of Outreachy i.e May 2021 to August 2021. The goal of this program is to increase participation from under-represented groups in free and open-source software. Outreachy is organized by Software Freedom Conservancy.

  • 2020 in Review - conda-forge/core, 2020-12-26

    As 2020 winds down, the Core team thought it’d be fun to review some of the big accomplishments our community has made this year.

  • Package Distribution and the Terms of Service - conda-forge/core, 2020-11-20

    Various members of the community have raised questions publicly and privately about the implications of Anaconda’s new Terms of Service (TOS) on First of all, we understand your concerns. We would like to explain a bit how conda-forge works, how the TOS change affects us and conda-forge users, and what our plans as a community are for the future.

  • macOS ARM builds on conda-forge - Isuru Fernando, 2020-10-29

    A new platform osx-arm64 has been added to the build matrix of conda-forge. osx-arm64 packages are built to run on upcoming macOS arm64 processors marketed as Apple Silicon. An installer for this platform can be found here.