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We do a lot of things but only blog about some of them.

Here are some recent selections.

  • 2020 in Review - conda-forge/core, 2020-12-26

    As 2020 winds down, the Core team thought it’d be fun to review some of the big accomplishments our community has made this year.

  • Package Distribution and the Terms of Service - conda-forge/core, 2020-11-20

    Various members of the community have raised questions publicly and privately about the implications of Anaconda’s new Terms of Service (TOS) on First of all, we understand your concerns. We would like to explain a bit how conda-forge works, how the TOS change affects us and conda-forge users, and what our plans as a community are for the future.

  • macOS ARM builds on conda-forge - Isuru Fernando, 2020-10-29

    A new platform osx-arm64 has been added to the build matrix of conda-forge. osx-arm64 packages are built to run on upcoming macOS arm64 processors marketed as Apple Silicon. An installer for this platform can be found here.

  • The API Territory and Version Number Map - C.J. Wright, 2020-10-02

    tl;dr Depending on specific version numbers of underlying libraries may be too inaccurate and cause headaches as upstream libraries evolve and change. A more detailed approach is needed. In this post I outline current and potential work on a path towards a more complete inspection of requirements based on APIs and dynamic pinning of libraries.

  • R 4.0 Migration Retrospective - C.J. Wright, Matthew R. Becker, 2020-07-11

    While the R 4.0 migration has been functionally complete for quite a while, the recent migration of r-java and its dependents gives a good opportunity to write a retrospective on the technical issues with large-scale migrations in conda-forge and how we solved them.