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Security updates to our installers

· 2 min read

In June 2023, software engineers from Anaconda have reported a security issue in the uninstallers that are included in the Windows versions of the miniforge and mambaforge installers, one of the main ways to bootstrap conda-forge based conda and mamba distributions.

The issue could, under specific conditions, unintentionally delete files from your system during the uninstallation process. Anaconda has published more details in the related blogpost about the security fix for the miniconda and Anaconda Distribution Windows installers as well.

conda-forge is committed to fix the miniforge and mambaforge installers equally to reduce the possible impact on conda-forge users and has worked with Anaconda to mitigate the issue.

  • As such, we are strongly recommending all users of miniforge and mambaforge to update immediately to the latest versions of miniforge and mambaforge. Please download them from the miniforge repository's main page or the release specific page.
  • For older versions, we are providing a security patch for already installed miniforge and mambaforge installations. You can download these from release specific page as well, under the names Miniforge3-uninstaller-patch-Windows-x86_64.exe and Mambaforge-uninstaller-patch-Windows-x86_64.exe.

To uninstall older versions of miniforge and mambaforge released before July 1, 2023, please download the security patch fix prior to uninstallation.

In order for this flaw to be triggered, a specific combination of factors must align, including uninstallation permissions, system access, usage of Windows, and an existing installation of miniforge or mambaforge.