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Travis CI Security Incident

· 2 min read
Matthew R. Becker

On September 9, 2021 one of our core devs discovered that artifacts building on Travis CI were being uploaded to our conda channel from PRs running on forked repositories. A quick investigation revealed that Travis CI was passing encrypted secrets to PR builds on forks. Further examination of our logs and artifacts indicated that this had been happening since about September 3, 2021. This security bug was subsequently confirmed by Travis CI. See this CVE for more details on this incident. As far as we know, there were no actual exploits against conda-forge which used this vulnerability.

Our Response

We took the following steps to respond to this incident.

  1. We immediately turned off all builds on Travis CI by suspending the Travis CI GitHub App.
  2. We immediately disclosed the bug to Travis CI through our contacts there.
  3. Once Travis CI indicated to us that they were ready, we rotated all feedstock tokens and later our token for our staging channel. The token for the main conda-forge channel was never disclosed in this incident. Further, only ~70 feedstocks had their tokens exposed in this incident.
  4. We examined our artifacts and marked as broken any artifacts that were uploaded from PRs. We think we found everything, but we are not completely sure. Our criterion for marking things broken was more generous than it needed to be.
  5. We issued PRs to rebuild any broken artifacts via our bots.
  6. We put in changes to conda-smithy to help prevent inadvertent uploads of artifacts from PRs in the future.

Closing Thoughts & What can you do?

I (MRB) want to recognize the quick work of our core dev team in handling this incident. It goes without saying that the public nature of conda-forge's infrastructure carries risks. On the other hand, by being public, anyone can look and verify our artifact builds. Security for conda-forge is about reducing risk and we will continue to do our best.

Our best defense against security incidents in conda-forge is you! Our feedstock maintainers are in the best position to notice incidents and issues. Please responsibly report anything you find to us at [email protected].