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conda-forge core meeting 2024-02-07

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NameInitialsGitHub IDAffiliation
Marcel BargullMBmbargullBioconda/cf
Jaime Rodríguez-GuerraJRGjaimergpQuansight/cf
Filipe FernandesFFocefpafconda-forge
Isuru FernandoIFisurufQuansight/cf
Klaus ZimmermannKZzklausQuansight/cf
Wolf VollprechtWVwolfvPrefix/cf

6 people total

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Your new() agenda items

  • JRG: Enabling Netlify PR previews on
  • FF: CoC reporting instructions (NumFOCUS feedback)
    • Action item: Jaime to send PR adjusting wording according to NF feedback
  • IF: MSYS2 packages are available. M2W64 on the way.
    • m2-* available on staged-recipes. anaconda-client dep tree blocks usage on feedstocks (via pillow dependency). conda-build has issues with direct invocation of git
  • WV: Some conversations about overlinking and underspecified meta.yaml deps in the context of the new rattler-build. Also dist-info and egg-info post-processing. New pixi version available with multiple environments per file.

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