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2018-02-20 meeting notes

  • GSoC, ideas page, mentors, prospective students Item #2 (conda skeleton) has largely been done in conda-build 3 Chris Wright has interest and perhaps has a student Potential project: package graph - building it, storing it, updating it efficiently, traversing (part of) it

  • conda-forge e-mail, dropbox paper, webpage, twitter account, etc Who has access, who wants access? Twitter: anyone who wants access should contact Filipe Webpage : new work to search for a feedstock, and make it faster Social: want to make our name easier to find and more out front

  • NumFOCUS updates Filipe is trying to get a face to face with NumFOCUS in April Have another meeting before then Filipe has filled out forms and sent in but has not heard back, hoping to finished process during meeting in April

  • Status of the conda-build 3 move Michael did work to get conda-smithy to work with c-b 3 Isuru worked on conda-forge pinning’s to work with c-b 3

    Linter needs a bit more work
    Have staged-recipes use conda build 3 directly vs conda-build-all
    Need to start merging changes from Anaconda to use new compilers, etc.
    Need conda smithy 3 release before moving changes
    How to deal with removal of pins
    Most can be deal with via run_exports in upstream package
    For new compilers:
    Need to find find graph and rework recipes from ground up.
    New channel to avoid conflicts?
    Build under a label, do bulk build outside current system?
  • SciPy tutorial/BoF/Sprint

    • Submitted tutorial : Michael, JC, Matt, Filipe, Jonathan, Ray, …?
    • Sprints : needs people to help those who come
      • Other plans at the sprints : conda-smithy, etc?
  • Next meeting date/time and agenda Same time/date, bi-weekly

Think about writing down process for selecting core members, and teams