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conda-forge meetings

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2017-05-10: General Discussion

Time: 17:00 (UTC) Hangout link:

Attendees Jonathan Helmus, Eric Dill, Filipe, @Michael Sarahan, Ray Donnelly


  • Move to conda 4.3

  • Dropbox paper: Create conda-forge account and share the credentials amongst core devs. Will need an email account to register on dropbox, so someone would need to create a shared email account too (strawman: [email protected]). cc @John Kirkham

  • The token used to generate repos at staged-recipes got revoked by GitHub. @John Kirkham is working to fix that by using a token from a bot [John] has access to. Hoping we will be back up and running with a workaround. Complete fix will require Phil's help once he is able.

  • Where is conda-forge on using better compilers? libgomp, etc.

  • How much overlap is there between conda-build 3 and conda-build-all?

  • Any plans for conda-build to build packages in parallel implicitly? Mike says no.

  • should we pin toolchain to some version number?

  • No changes to toolchain for now until conda-build 3 and then Mike and Ray's new compilers