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conda-forge core meeting 2023-03-08

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last weeks meeting What time is the meeting in my time zone Meeting info:


NameInitialsGitHub IDAffiliation
Cheng H. LeeCHLchenghleeAnaconda/cf
John KirkhamJKjakirkhamNVIDIA/cf
Eric DillEDericdillAnaconda/cf
Matthew R BeckerMRBbeckermrcf
Asmit MalakannawarAMAsmit2952N/A
Daniel ChingDJCcarterboxArgonne

6 people total

Standing items

  • intros for new folks on the call

    • Asmit - working with team to develop the website
  • open votes

From previous meeting(s)

Your new() agenda items

  • MRB bot metadata is killing github. need to move it
    • they want the repo gone
    • we're proposing two steps
      1. to shard the files in the repo (faster github operations) and remake it to remove the history
      2. move to another backend over a longer timescale

Pushed to next meeting


  • cfep-12 Removing packages that violate the terms of the source package
    • Stalled since May 26, 2020
    • Active debate about moving to "broken" vs deleting from conda-forge channel
    • Active vote, ends on 2020-03-11
    • What were the results of the vote?
    • Did we hear back from NumFOCUS? they did the legal seminar which is recorded