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2017-01-06: General Discussion

Time: 20:00 (UTC)

Hangout link:


Standing Items

  • How many repos? ~1400
  • How many contributors? ~300
  • CFEP status


  • Options for packaging libraries.

    *   Bundle them together [PR#2068](
    • Use build customization to do one build and split out multiple packages.
  • Drop numpy 1.10 but leave Python 3.4 for a while longer.

  • John will build Qt 4 on OS X.

  • Ray will build Qt 5 with jpeg 9* soon on defaults and our problem will go away.

  • conda-build 2

    *   do not wait for the remaining packages that needs long prefix
  • Move MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET variable to conda-build-setup and modify the CFEP to reflect that.


  • pkgw would like to discuss bundling client libraries in the conda-forge stack, as per PR#2068. The PR has everything bundled into a giant tarball for simplicity; gqmelo posted a set of recipes that splits each library out.

  • Defaults channel libpng and jpeg updates: scheduled for 1Q 2017. Continuum requests closer collaboration on future api/abi incompatible updates to core libraries.

  • One pinning scheme for both defaults and conda-forge?

  • That would be ideal. Hopefully we can head that way.

  • Drop Python 3.4. Now that conda-forge have Qt 4+jpeg9* on Windows the Python 3.5+Windows users can migrate from Python 3.4 to 3.5.

  • Do MinGW compile things that play well with Python 3.5/MSVC 2015 yet? AFAICT this is still an issue.

  • Drop numpy 110

  • Upload of Qt 4 for OS X

  • Have a VM I'm willing to use to do this. Details here.

  • Build and upload of Qt 5+jpeg 9* for all platforms

  • PyCon 2017. Just submitted a place holder talk as we lost the tutorial deadline and the talk deadline is today. Anyone interested in participating please get in touch.

  • Re-rendering channel improvements. ( conda forge/conda smithy#401 )

  • conda-build 2 ( conda forge/conda forge build setup feedstock#40 )

  • Travis CI image change. ( conda forge/conda forge enhancement proposals#6 )

  • conda-smithy and conda 4.2 ( conda forge/conda smithy#394 )