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New Process for Marking Packages as Broken

We are changing the way we mark packages as broken to better match the defaults channel and to better enable reproducible environments that depended on broken packages. We will now be adding the broken label to packages but leaving them on the main channel. In order to make sure they do not appear in the repodata.json for the main channel, we will be patching the repo data to remove them using the removals feature. Users will notice the following changes

  • The packages on will now have both the main and the broken labels.
  • All requests to mark packages as broken must be sent to the cf-mark-broken repo.
  • Members of core can no longer mark things as broken by hand since the repo data patching must be done as well.
  • The package metadata for broken packages may differ slightly from when they were on the main channel.
  • The only correct source of package metadata is now the repodata.json etc on Any other sources may be missing critical changes.