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Core Dependency Tree Package Changes

conda-forge is moving to a new system for generating Core Dependency Tree (CDT) packages. These changes include:

  • CDT packages will no longer be built using feedstocks and this practice is officially deprecated.
  • Any current CDT packages in feedstocks will be moved to the new conda-forge/cdt-builds repo and the feedstock will be archived. Members of core will be doing this slowly on an as-needed basis, so it may not happen right away.
  • Requests for new CDTs should be submitted as PRs to the conda-forge/cdt-builds repo.

These changes are being made so that conda-forge can provide access to CentOS 7 / glibc 2.17 for linux-64 builds. They will also move more of the packages needed for conda-forge builds into the conda-forge channels making builds more reliable.