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CentOS 7 sysroot Now Available for linux-64 Builds

We are very excited to announce that new compilers based on repackaged sysroot's from CentOS 7 are now available for all linux-* platforms. These compilers will be the default going forward for any gcc, gxx, and gfortran versions past 8.4.0 on ppc64le and 7.5.0 on x86_64/aarch64.

On the linux-64 platform, we have also built the CentOS 6 sysroot and set it as the default, consistent with our current compilers. To use the CentOS 7 sysroot on linux-64, add a requirement of sysroot_linux-64 2.17 to the build section of your recipe. You also need to set the proper Docker image in your conda_build_config.yaml. See Using CentOS 7 <centos7> for details.