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Packages for Qt/PyQt 5.15.2 are now available

After more than six months, the conda-forge team and contributors have managed to update the Qt5 packages to the latest LTS version, 5.15.2. Major changes include separating the package for QtWebEngine (qt-webengine) from the rest of Qt (now in a new package called qt-main). This allows recipes that do not use any of the WebEngine components to depend only on qt-main, reducing the total size of the downloaded binaries. As a result of this, qt will be a metapackage that installs both qt-main and qt-webengine as dependencies. With respect to PyQt, the new packages now are in sync with respect to their corresponding PyPI releases, which means that the pyqt package will only provide the core components of Qt, leaving pyqtwebengine and pyqtcharts as optional packages that extend PyQt by providing the QtWebEngine and QtCharts components, respectively. A migrator will be put in place to help with the transition.