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Scipy 2020 Packaging BOF

· One min read
Christopher J. 'CJ' Wright
Member of conda-forge/core


Have some thoughts about conda-forge and how it can be expanded in a way that is sustainable? Join us in this virtual Birds of a Feather discussion where we'll discuss maintenance, pain points, opportunities within conda-forge. Any and all are welcome, and we especially are seeking new viewpoints and opinions!

BOF questions:

State of Packaging

  • What is the state of conda-forge today?
  • What improvements are in the works?

New features/ideas

  • What is something that's not in the works that you'd like to see updated/improved?
  • What are ways that folks who are interested but new to the community can get involved?


  • What is the maintenance burden and what pain points does it create?
  • What are strategies to mitigate this burden?

Questions to the audience

  • What are your pain points when engaging with conda forge?
  • What is something new you'd like to see happen?
  • What feedback do audience members have?